Friday, March 6, 2015

It's John Gray's Wedding Day!

Today is the day that the Welsh blogger, Scotch egg connoisseur, rescuer and champion of all things feathered and furred, Internet Sensation Mr. John Gray of Going Gently marries (and makes an honest man of) the love of his life, Dr. Chris!!
The Internet is abuzz with excitement! We can't wait to hear all the details:

Will Winnie crash the wedding breakfast and make off with several scotch eggs?

Will John (like a friend of mine did last year) promise to love and cherish Chris "...through sickness and health, until death or zombies do us part" ?

Will the villagers of Trelawnyd turn up in a flash mob to welcome the newlyweds home with a rousing performance of "All You Need Is Love" a la the movie Love, Actually?

The blogging world is waiting to find out!

Best wishes to the happy couple for a wonderful, fun day and then a long and happy life together!


  1. Who are these people, and where is Wales...... I think we should be told.

  2. John Gray rhymes with Wedding Day! It also rhymes with Frisco Bay and Have A Nice Day! Did you know that he wrote "Men are from Mars Women are from Venus"?

    1. I did! Haha!

      John Gray also rhymes with:

      Come Out To Play
      Rainy Day
      You Don't Say
      Shades Of Grey
      Feet Of Clay
      First Of May
      A Roll In The Hay


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