Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Giant George

I had to take George to the veterinarian the day before yesterday, and when they weighed him, I was shocked. I knew he had bulked up some, but I didn't expect him to weigh 88 pounds! This further confirms that he's part yellow lab, since pit bulls don't get that big.

Have I mentioned how well he's been behaving these last few months? Mr. George is finally growing up a little and learning some manners! He's just a bit over 2 years old now, and is turning out to be a really sweet boy. And no matter how big he gets, Ginger takes no crap from him! She's still very much the queen bee and George respects that!

On the way to the vet's.
George likes riding in the
air-conditioned car!


  1. George appears to be excellent buddy material.


  2. Dogs always have a strange relationship with the vet'. Hope it went OK.

  3. It was just his twice a year heartworm preventative shot---no big deal!

  4. He looks sweet and part Lab.

  5. Ohhhh, this really do grow so quickly, don't they! Just depending on how much she eats and how much she exercises, Annie weighs in at between 65 and 70 lbs usually, but no matter what I see on the scale for her, it's always easy to remember the days when she was less than ten pounds and could fit in my hands. I think it's the same sort of thing that parents have with their children in that respect.

    Big hugs to you and your sweet pets,
    ♥ Jessica