Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June---the good and the bad.

This month has been a real mixed bag for me.

I rarely mention politics here on the  blog because there's rarely anything good to say and I get so worked up over things going on that I like to keep this place a kind of refuge from negativity. But I feel I must mention what happened in Charleston last week.

What a horrible, sickening, terrifying thing the murder of those nine people was. I can't understand that kind of racially motivated hate towards innocent people. And it's scary to live in a culture with an absolute gun fetish combined with so little respect for human life and dignity. This has been a year filled with racial tensions and I hope things don't continue to escalate. I don't want to see anyone else get hurt or killed and I dread the thought of more riots and mayhem.

One good thing that's come of all this is that it looks as if that damn flag is finally coming down from public property once and for all. It's way past time and a shame it's taken so long.

Closer to home, my poor Ginger has a cyst on her side that got infected and ruptured, leading to an emergency trip to the vet Monday morning. She has to take antibiotics for two weeks and then has to have surgery to remove the cyst after that. We're so worried about her even though she's going to be fine and this is all relatively minor stuff thank goodness. I hate for my animals to feel bad. I cried the whole way home after hearing she would need surgery! I'm so pathetic!

The best news so far in June was Gregg's yearly CT scan and quarterly check up with the oncologist showed him to be in excellent health! What a relief that always is....and now after 3 1/2 years he's being switched to only twice yearly check ups! I'm so very grateful for his continued good really keeps all the bad things in perspective.

My friend's grandma has a huge garden and sent us a bagful of beautiful homegrown tomatoes the other day as well as a dozen cucumbers and a giant cabbage. I adore homegrown tomatoes!

Delicious and beautiful!

Last but not least, I was recently  invited to join a book club. Tomorrow is our second meeting, and I really enjoyed the first book we read and look forward to discussing it. We meet twice a month.

Oh, and it's hot as hell here. This summer has been setting records for high temperatures. It's miserable outside.

That's my June so far in a nutshell.


  1. I'm sorry about your Ginger. You feel pretty much the way I do about the killings. It's even worse when the police are the murderers. What did you read for your book club? You might like to join The Cephalopod Coffeehouse, hosted by The Armchair Squid. On the last Friday of the month, we say what our favorite book was that we read that month and describe the book a bit. It's fun, and we could use more players.


    1. Ooh! Thanks for the invitation. I will definitely join. For our first book we chose a light read, The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. It made me laugh out loud a couple of times!

  2. These crazy mass killings seem to come round all too often; one becomes almost immune to the horror. What with Charleston, and the IS mob drowning people in cages, one is surrounded by atrocities wherever one looks.

    My Toms are still a little way off; plenty of green ones, but none red. Sorry to hear about Ginger, in some ways sick cats are worse than sick dogs; they seem to understand less what one is trying to do for them. Plenty of treats methinks!

    1. Ginger is a dog. And she let's me wash the wound and she takes her penicillin pill without any fuss. She's a good girl!

    2. My mind was elsewhere (thinking of the atrocities probably); of course she's a dog! Woops.

  3. Hope Ginger is feeling better.
    The world does seem to be going to pot these days, one wonders what more horrors await around the corner!

  4. Not such a bad June for you Jennifer, some good bits in there too! Rachel