Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Help me ID this flower!

Can anyone help me identify these tiny flowers?

They grow in a shady spot on the side of my house, and they come back every year about this time. They're on stalks about 24'' high and have beautiful little blooms about the size of a cherry. I have no idea what they are, and neither does the man we rent from. "Something mama planted" is all he can tell me, and that his wife dug up a clump of them years ago and planted them at their house. They're carefree little flowers that seem quite hardy and adaptable.

I've wondered for years now what they might be. They're beautiful and I plan to dig up a clump or two myself to take when we move. If anyone can help me identify them, I'd be very grateful!


  1. As a total numbskull when it comes to flowers etc, may I suggest that it's an Abutilon. But don't put money on it.

  2. It is a beautiful flower,sorry i dont know the answer.

  3. Sorry, clueless.
    The flowers are very pretty though.

  4. The leaves definitely look like Abutilon, and the flower has the distinctive lantern shape. I think Cro is right. Mind you, there are many many varieties of abutilon (often called Chinese Lantern here in NZ.)

    1. Again, I'm an ignoramus, but I think I've heard them called 'Strawberry vines' here.

  5. Thanks everybody! I suspect abutilon is the correct answer!