Monday, September 7, 2015

Early Autumn in the Backyard

Things continue to grow and bloom in the backyard even though it's September.

Some things are catching a brief second wind and producing a few last flowers before winter gets here.

Thanks to Cro, I've learned that
 geraniums can be overwintered. 

Little potted rose.

Crepe Myrtle volunteer
beside the kitchen window.

Others naturally begin to flower later in the season . I walked to a shady nook in the backyard today, and looked up, and this what I saw.

Rose of Sharon

The potted pomegranate is looking good this year. It's growth is really starting to take off, finally.

More windchimes!


  1. I have that exact same 'Rose of Sharon' (that we call Altea). I also have a few others but the big purple one is always the best. My Geraniums are still going crazy; flowers everywhere. When I first saw your top picture, I thought it said Gloom.... silly me!