Friday, January 8, 2016

My big baby

George had to go to the vet for his yearly checkup and shots yesterday. He wasn't a happy boy.

He started to whine in the backseat about halfway there. This was a first. I'm not sure where he thought he was going. I hope, after all this time, he didn't think I was taking him back to the shelter.

The vet just moved into a brand new office. When we got there, George really started to whimper. He stuck by my side like glue while we waited in the lobby. Look at these sad eyes:

When we finally got called back into the examining room to wait, he paced around and seemed really worried. He also kept going to check out what was going on on the other side of the half door:

When the doc and his assistant came in and started their examination, George was still quite nervous. I'm not sure why; the whole staff is very kind and affectionate with both of our dogs. And when they gave him his shots (with tiny little needles) he cried out like a baby. Ginger never bats an eye, but George acted like we were killing him. So much for the big, tough, macho pit bull!

We made sure he got lots of love and treats after arriving home, the big baby!


  1. It is sometimes said that pets take after their owners. Does George take after you or Gregg?

    1. Gregg, without a doubt. Males aren't usually good patients whether they're human or canine! Ginger is brave when visiting the doctor, just like me!

  2. Perhaps George had some aches and pains before he arrived and getting shots was too much for him. We're not supposed to get flu shots if we don't feel well. I don't know how you'd tell, though, if he seemed fine until you got in the car. Maybe he had a clingy day and wanted Mama to baby him.


    1. I think he did just need to be babied. :) He's a sweet boy and far more clingy than Ginger. She's a good girl, but much more independent by nature than George.

  3. awwww so boo boo gud dug.
    All my dogs don't mind going to the vet but thehamish always whines a-bit when we pull into the parking lot. Once out of the car he is just fine.
    When he was a puppy till about 6 years old he threw up all the time in the car. I think he still has a wonky tummy.
    Maybe George has a wonkey tummy also ?

  4. Our Bok went a couple of days ago. He was fine. Dogs don't like things they don't understand; even if it's for their own good.

  5. Sorry Jennifer, I just had to laugh at the photo of him looking out over the half door - probably working out the best way to make a break for it! What a handsome boy he is.