Saturday, July 30, 2016


Work has been bearing down on me this week and will reach it's nadir tonight with the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child midnight release party, which sounds like it should be fun but will actually just mean my working until 2am and dealing with crowds of irritating hipsters "reliving the release parties of my childhood" and bored families with small children up way past their bedtime. Tomorrow night I have to work until midnight doing a seasonal reset of part of our educational toys and games department, but after that it's just one more regular closing shift and then I will finally (finally!) have a day or two off. I've not had a day off since early this past week.

So hi! How are you, all my blogging friends? I've had very little time to visit with you this week.

I was trying to think of something quick and easy to blog about today before heading off to the grocery store for the 3 pounds of ground beef I need to make hot dog chili to take to work tonight (the managers are pulling together a hot dog dinner and snacks since over half the staff  and a few volunteers will be working the event tonight). It occurred to me that I haven't shared any pictures or stories about Ginger and George lately.

Speaking of George, he needs a bath in the worst kind of way. Both of the dogs like pawing up a cool spot of dirt under one of the camellia bushes in the backyard and lying on top of it when it's hot. Ginger's coat is thick and fluffy with an undercoat, and dust and dirt just shake right off her. But not George. His coat is so short and even somewhat sparse on his belly and the insides of his thighs that dust sticks right to him. He'll turn a grayish color all over and you know it's time to give Big G a bath.

And that day has come again. Gregg told me yesterday that if you pat George just right, a cloud of dust poofs off of him with each pat. Remember the character Pigpen in the Peanuts comics? Yep, that's my dog right now!

Georgie P

As soon as I get a day off, both the dogs are getting nice, thorough baths. They're going to love me for it. Ha!


  1. I thought that slavery was abolished in the southern states long ago so how come you're still in chains Jennifer?

    1. That's a damn good question! I must have been a terrible person in a former life! Haha!

  2. Would it not be wiser to release books at mid-day rather than mid-night? Who, I wonder, dreamt-up this silly idea?

  3. George looks so cute !
    The bunnies, quail and various critters rest in the hot day in the wells of my fruit trees.The javelinas have found the small ponds I have put in and they all take a bath in them.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  4. You wrote this three days ago so should be enjoying some time off by now?
    I hope it's good