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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gifted Art

A young girl who works with my husband painted this for us as a belated Christmas gift. How sweet! I had no idea she painted. Forgive the darkness of the picture, I took it in our den which is fairly dark in the morning. My husband has had so many original paintings given to him over the years--some by elderly retired artists, some by young musicians who also dabble in paints, and now this created by a 20 year old who wanted to thank him for always being nice to her.

I'll have to find a permanent home for it soon!


  1. Ah... thinking of spring here! (I know, I know - winter has only just begun...)

  2. What a sweet picture, and a lovely gesture.

  3. How good of Gregg to treat this young woman with kindness.

    The hummingbird has powerful spiritual significance. In the Andes of South America the hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection. It seems to die on cold nights, but comes back to life again at sunrise.

    The hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart. When the hurt that caused us to close our hearts gets a chance to heal, our hearts are free to open again.

    With hummingbird consciousness, we learn the truth of beauty. Our life becomes a wonderland of delights in flowers, aromas and tastes. We laugh and enjoy creation, we appreciate the magic of the present moment, and the magic of being alive.
    (As you may have guessed, the last three paragraphs are not my own Jennifer)

  4. Hand made/painted gifts are always the best. Much more personal.

  5. Beautiful, something really special about a gift that has been made for you.

  6. That is absolutely beautiful even in the dark! And what a special gift.

  7. That is such a fine gift, and clearly, you all appreciate it very much.