Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hooray! I have the weekend off, and I didn't even ask for it! I'm thanking my lucky stars, too, because it's Memorial Day weekend. The bookstore/mall where I work is right off the exits of two interstates, which means a busy few days with travelers coming through. I'm so happy that I get to stay home today and tomorrow!

What will I do with two days of freedom? Hmmm........I have no idea! I think I'll just let the time stretch out before me and do whatever I feel like from moment to moment. I'm going to take it easy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Wonderful. Before I called in old, I thought weekends might lose some bright charge in retirement --but it has been 8 years and I feel it keenly as ever.

  2. Holiday weekend in the UK too. I shall watch from afar.

  3. That Dowager Countess line about the ¨week-end" is why we christened my own mother "The Dowager Duchess"! We heard it and both howled her name. Hope you´re enjoying your free time.

  4. I hope you did just what you said - take it easy and do just what you feel like doing from one moment to the next.
    My weekend was HOT - in terms of temperatures ;-)
    Not unheard of, but unusually hot for the end of May in our area. We kept our cool with refreshing drinks, ice creams, bike rides and a dip in the lake.

  5. Hope the weekend is going well! (Dave always laughs about that Maggie Smith line!)

  6. Oh dear, Memorial Day weekend is now over. I hope you made the most of it Jennifer.