Sunday, December 30, 2018

A home for Fred

Now that we're almost done settling in, we're working on hanging pictures and art in the new house. We've been lucky in that we've been gifted several original art pieces by talented friends over the years. Everything we put up is deeply personal to us.

That includes this print of a fox painting done by our very own Yorkshire Pudding! He sent me the print some time ago but we had no good place to hang it at the old house. But now Fred has finally been framed and is hanging proudly in our new den!

Thank you, Neil. I think it looks great in the spot we found for it!


  1. Oh dear - I am blushing with pride - to see Fred in his new home. He will guard you from Mr Grumpy.

  2. Foxes are adorable, nice to have one to brighten your days.

  3. What a wonderful print, hr looks right at home.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. He looks good. A print to be treasured.

  5. Foxy looks good ! Happy New year to you and Gregg . Enjoy your new home x

  6. Excellent! Now YP can say he's had his art exhibited internationally!

    1. He already has done so two years ago, Steve :-)
      An original Fred painting by YP has pride of place in my flat here in Germany since he sent it for my birthday in 2017.

  7. You found the right spot for Fred where he can keep an eye on you and the goings on. I did not know Yorkshire Pudding is an artist, that is a great painting.