Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Beer and Skittles

A little while ago I did a Google search to find out when Chinese New Year falls this year. As of February 5th it will be the Year of the Earth Pig! 

While looking for the date, I ended up on a website with forecasts for every Chinese astrological sign coming up in 2019. Just for fun, I read mine and Gregg's. (I'm a Rabbit, he's a Dog). The horoscopes were awesome. Here's an excerpt from Gregg's:

you people under the Dog sign will be in good spirits, get more chances to beer and skittles and develop more consuming desires

Hey! I want more chances to beer and skittles! Doesn't that sound like a blast? :)

Here's a link to the website so you can look up your own forecast for the year ahead if you're interested. May we all have a year filled with chances to beer and skittles!


  1. Wine and skittles would be better. I looked up my sign and mine is the goat. I always liked goats.

  2. Our local supermarkets start to sell 'Chinese' foods around now. Anything vaguely Asian is sold as Chinese; Indian curry paste, Japanese sushi, etc. I take advantage anyway.

  3. Chinese New Year used to have a big impact on my work when I was still selling point of sale hardware - our most important manufacturers were in Taiwan, and every year, it was as if they'd fallen off the planet for two weeks. You couldn't reach them by email or phone, they wouldn't answer, they wouldn't deliver. We knew this so we planned accordingly, but a sigh of relief was always audible in our offices when it was over!

  4. I went to that site and discovered that I am a freakin' water snake! I don't wanna be a water snake, I wanna be tiger! GRRRR!

  5. According to Chinese New Year calculations, you are a garden slug... like all would-be scammers!

  6. Oh dear, if you are year of the Ox like I am do not read your horoscope. I'm screwed:) no skittles or beer for me, that's for sure!!

  7. Skittles as in the bowling game or Skittles as in the candy? I'd want to know before I committed myself. I'm a horse, by the way.

  8. Goodness! Mine was terrible, or at least, an arduous year.

  9. Here in the Southwest desert we are doing The Year of the Javelina rather.

  10. I'll take the beer and leave the skittles.

  11. Ha! I didn't realize "beer and skittles" is a VERB.

    OK, I looked up my horoscope and it says I will be "averagely blessed" as I am "moving from middle age to old age." Ouch! I'm only 52!

    I'm also having below average luck in health, career and wealth. Apparently only love is looking up for me. :)


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