Friday, April 19, 2019

Good Friday

It's the first day of spring break and I don't know what to do with myself. Everything has been so odd around here for the past week that it doesn't feel like the beginning of a vacation. Until yesterday there were plans to have a wine drinking/Easter egg dyeing party with Marla and Martina tonight, but I decided to cancel. Gregg is still having pain and feeling pretty miserable, and neither one of us feels like having company. It will be next week after the holiday before he can see a cardiologist and a kidney specialist, so in the meantime they have him on blood thinners and pain pills (to be taken as needed). At this point, we don't know how this will all play out. The doctor said he could work and continue normal activity as long as he feels up to it. Which for my husband means working long days to catch up on his missed aquarium jobs. He refuses to stay at home and rest and it's driving me crazy! I wish the doctor hadn't been so casual about him working, but under the circumstances most people would take it easy on themselves. Although to be fair, Gregg's trying hard to catch up because he has three days off with me scheduled (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) and he's determined to have his little mini vacation that we've been planning for a month now. I'm disappointed that he's having it turn out like this though --pain and worry over a health problem.

Another reason I was upset that he went out to work today is that he's driving an hour to service two nursing home aquariums, and terrible storms are going to be rolling in before he can get back home. There's going to be strong winds, flooding rain, and the possibility of hail, tornadoes, and dangerous lightning. I'm worried about him driving in such conditions, but he was stubborn and determined to go. At least he wouldn't take pain meds this morning, fearing being impaired behind the wheel on top of everything else. But he'll be out working with pain in his side.  It's a no-win situation.

That man of mine frustrates the hell out of me sometimes! He's too obstinate to be argued with, though. I've had to learn over the years to just let it go.

So as not to end this post on a sour note, and to show you that it's not all gloom around here, let me share three good things from yesterday with you all:

First up, my smiling Georgie:

 Next, my new shoes. Look closely at the's called "Woof Pack".

And finally, a gift I got at work yesterday from one of the special needs classes. Next week, while we're on break, Administrative Professionals Day is coming up. Ms. Goodale and her sweet students made this for me.

If you look closely at the top of the card, you'll see that it was signed by Jesus. I guess that's appropriate for Good Friday!


  1. Your husband and mine- same cut of cloth. SO frustrating. But this, too, is why we love them. They are responsible and hardworking.
    We're getting some of those high winds here right now. Gusts of wind that are blowing the trees and bushes halfway flat.
    It's a little anxiety-producing.
    Gorgeous Georgie.

  2. men are so damn pig-headed. I haven't met one yet that wasn't.

    LOVE the new sneakers! and sweet george!

  3. I understand Gregg to a point - I am similar, convinced I can not "let down" my clients even though they are all very good and reasonable, saying "health comes first". Last year when I could not work for four weeks because of my eye operation, I think I would have gone to work if it had been at all possible - but my eyes are too valuable to risk any more problems "only" because of work. I hope Gregg will return home safe & sound in spite of the storm, and feel satisfied about having done his work.
    Your new shoes are fun!

  4. I can understand Gregg's need to live as normally as possible unless or until he can't. I think I'd do the same. Dave always nags me because I hate going to the doctor. I love the woof pack sneakers!

  5. Hope the storm holds off till Gregg gets home and all will be well.
    George is lovely and I adore his smile.. Your shoes are wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Woof pack, so cute. Perfect for my walks with Bounce. Georgie looks quite interested. I mailed you a little card today.

  7. Wow, smiling Georgie; really, REALLY cool new shoes; and a gift from Jesus. Looking forward to more good news.

  8. Georgie is Great!! While Greg's problem may seem horrific to you, the doctor's casual attitude is more of an indicator of his professional opinion than lack of caring. And if Jesus signed that card? It's worth a lot of money, so hold on to it!!

  9. I know so many Gregg's; I don't know why. But they're all great fellows, and yours must be, too. His doctors will straighten this out next week! You have Georgie's grin on that.

  10. What a nice bunch of kids. I once had a love letter when I was teaching, it was from a 6 year old (not Jesus). I still have it somewhere!

  11. Hope that Gregg got back safely. I am so glad that we don't get such awful storms here ! Have a good weekend if you can. xx

  12. If working or not working made any difference the doc would have said so. I think it's a good sign that he didn't say much and it's a good sign that Gregg is feeling capable enough.
    Dogs are the best!

  13. Does Gregg have someone to back him up? If not, this might be the time to find someone. Maybe it would help him relax.


  14. I am like your husband. When I am feeling badly, I keep on moving and pushing I get why he's doing what he's doing. I hope his pain is better. Enjoy your mini-vacation.

  15. Greg is like most of us. It feels better to keep busy than sit around and think.

    I am wishing you both good weather for your mini vacation.