Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Today has been a better day.

My back isn't hurting as much or seizing up, stopping me dead in my tracks, so the shot really seems to have helped. I've gotten by with only one dose of ibuprofen, which my stomach lining is thankful for. Too much of any NSAID and I have a stomachache to go along with whatever I'm taking it for.

The a/c guy will be here sometime on Friday. In the meantime, our temperatures have dropped into the perfect open-windows range so the wait isn't a hardship right now.

I finally accepted that the book club meeting I was supposed to host next week wasn't working out. I was already behind in household chores I had planned to do this week, and between the bad back and the a/c issue, Gregg urged me to try to trade with someone. He knows how nervous I am about will be my first time ever hosting the club and the biggest group (about 12) I've ever had over. I want the house to be sparkling clean and decorated for the season, and lots of great food. I texted Kathleen,  the group leader, and she readily offered to host next week. What a relief! In return I'll be hosting for her in December.

So that's another worry off my mind.

Here's a a couple of pictures from today to finish off this post.

First: these popped up in our back yard today. Hurricane Lilies!

Does anyone remember my friend Carol giving me fig tree cuttings to root in a bucket of water? It was the most wrong time of year for it and I never thought it would work. Well. Not only do these cuttings have small roots, but they're sprouting at the top and growing new leaves, too.

Sometimes it's good to be wrong.


  1. All good news! Enjoy those lower temps! And I'm so glad your back feels better.

  2. good news indeed - with one exception: you are living in a fool's paradise that is a triffid. run !

  3. I'm glad you're having less pain!

    Those lilies are remarkably beautiful, I really like flowers not only for their beauty but how they represent the softer side of life as well.

  4. YAYZ for less pain! and I have never seen those flowers before.

  5. So glad you’re improving. Things are looking up!

  6. Figs are notoriously hardy plants. I'm glad yours took root! Love the lilies, and needless to say I'm glad your pain is better and you're off the hook for the book club!

  7. That lily is beautiful! I have no problem with Nsaids... I don't know if that makes me lucky or not.

  8. Diminished pain is great news. Take it easy. If it's still iffy in December, consider hiring a cleaning service for one day. It won't be expensive, and you will have the worst part of sparkle and shine done.

  9. Such good news about the fig cuttings. You never know what mother nature is up too.
    Nice new about your back !

  10. I was offline for about two weeks while hiking in the Austrian Alps and so have learned of your bad back only now. I hope it continues to improve. Have you been given any instructions for exercise that helps with back pain? I have skoliosis and am more familiar with back pain than I like, but am handling it well with a set of simple exercises that only takes 10 minutes a day.