Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday tidbits

It's been an unseasonably chilly day here today. The high temperature only reached the mid 50s, which is more like February than May in South Carolina. Personally, I'm enjoying it. The heat and awful humidity will be along shortly, no doubt.

We've also gotten some much-needed rain. The last several weeks have been very, very dry and watering with the hose just isn't the same. Despite the cool temperatures and lack of rain, my garden seems to be flourishing. Knock on wood.

You may remember I mentioned a female cardinal had built a nest in our pomegranate tree. She's been sitting on it, but so far hasn't produced any eggs. I know because I snuck over there and reached up high to snap a picture with my phone when I noticed that she (and her mate) were off somewhere for a minute.

Isn't that a pretty piece of workmanship, though? There's even a strip of clear plastic woven in on one side which you can see in this picture. And the pomegranate is blooming like never before, so it's going to be a pretty place for a clutch of baby birds to come into the world. There are so many flowers on the tree this year that I'm beginning to think we may even get a few fruits for the first time! Baby birds and cool is that?

Here's something else I wanted to show you. Early Sunday morning we took George to the park down the road from our house, and had it all to ourselves. The city has just had a nice new skate park built over on one side and I got a photo of it.

It's bigger and nicer than it looks in this photo. Usually we see lots of kids with skateboards having a great time on this super-smooth new skating area. I never could use a skateboard as a teenager. I had several good friends in high school that were stoner/skater type boys, but I was too clumsy and uncoordinated to even stand up on a board. How some of those guys would have loved having a place like this to practice! They had to make do with homemade ramps and such when we were growing up. I feel lucky as an adult that I have easy access (less than a mile from my home) to one of the nicer parks in our county. This particular one has five (I think) baseball fields....speaking of which....

My buddy Little P. is playing baseball for the first time this year, and they play most of their games at this park! Gregg and I went to one a couple of weeks ago to see him play. It was so much fun! I know very little about baseball, but Gregg and his brother and sister played for years when they were growing up. Little P. didn't know we were coming, and we walked up to the side of the fence just as the game was starting. When he came to the outfield close to where we were standing, I started to go over and call to him, but Gregg stopped me and said, "If he knows you're standing here watching him he won't be able to concentrate" and he was right. A few minutes later he happened to look our way, spotted us, and for the rest of the game he kept checking to see if we were looking. :) He was so happy we came to see him! 

(Little P. is number 12 at the bottom left).

Speaking of P., his mom asked me if he could hang out at my desk for my last 30 minutes yesterday while she went to a meeting. Of course I said yes, and was happy to have him. He got on a roll telling me silly fart jokes and making me laugh, until I finally made him take a selfie with me while we were giggling. Of course he had to pretend to be picking his nose while I took the picture! That child is such a joy to me.

Q: What do you get when you eat bean and onion soup?

A: Tear gas!

Q: What do you call a dinosaur fart?

A: A blast from the past!


  1. I loved reading this post as it was like a "day in the life" sort of thing. It has been cold here in central VA too, and I love it. I am not looking forward to the onset of the heat and humidity.

  2. It occurred to me... you are going to have a lasting impression on Little P. I bet years from now, when he's moved on to other higher education schools, he'll never forget you.

    And the fart jokes.

  3. such a dear picture of you two rays of sunshine!

  4. I note that your Tomato plants have a few flowers.... mine too!

  5. Your tomato plants look great! It won't be long before you'll be seeing little baby tomatoes! I love the bird's nest, how sweet. It looks like your pomegranate tree has been blessed. That picture of you and Little P. is so cute!

  6. Look at the glee on those faces!

    Your garden is coming along beautifully.

    I haven't seen a skate park in years that wasn't covered in graffiti.

  7. That skate park looks very posh and shiny! I loved rollerskating and iceskating as a kid but never had a skateboard.
    Your garden is coming along nicely, and I hope Mr and Mrs Cardinal will soon have eggs in their beautiful nest.
    When you post about little P, it always pleases me that you two have this special friendship in your lives. How exciting it must have been for him, knowing you were watching him play baseball!

  8. What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur? Dyathinkisaurus.

  9. The next time P's mother has a meeting, could he come and sit at MY desk? :)

  10. That is quite a fancy skate park and I can't believe how much your garden has already grown! That's amazing! I hope the cardinal lays some eggs, but I suppose it doesn't always happen. Little P is a character and I'm glad you bring each other so much joy.

  11. It is never too late to take up skateboarding Jennifer but when you get your new skateboard, I suggest that you also invest in a helmet plus knee and elbow pads.

  12. I definitely have to remember those jokes for my grandkids. They will love them!
    I woke up this morning and put on my summer outfit and opened the door to outside and immediately went and changed clothes. It's chilly! And we've gotten some rain too. Good for all our gardens. The rain, at least.
    I've got a little wren's nest in the begonia plant on my kitchen porch. Silly birds! I don't think there are any eggs in it yet, though. I'm trying to give her her privacy.
    Little P. is about the cutest thing ever.

  13. The weather's been cool up in Central PA as well. I turned my heat back on. I have lots of cardinals up here, too. I have no idea where their nests are, but then I'm surrounded by trees. You'll have to let me know how those pomegranates taste.

  14. I LOVE when you post stuff about lil P! baseball player! cute kid!

    I turn the heat off during the day and open the windows, but the heat goes back on at 6p and the windows are closed. we get down into the low 40s overnight here still. I'd rather it be on the cooler side than the hazy/hot/humid days of summer.

  15. Your garden looks terrific! No weeds taking over like my gardens! Seeing Little P play baseball takes me back, my brother played baseball and my parents would always make us go watch his games. Those games can last a long time! :) It is so fun to see the kids learn and get better as the season goes on. Good to have cheering fans!!

  16. That garden is looking mighty fine!

  17. It's so nice that you went to Little P's game. He knows you care about him. After some 90 degree days and humidity, it cooled off here last night and rained. I'm happy to have temps in the 60s for a little while.


  18. How wonderful you got to see Little P's game ! Your garden looks wonderful but most of all I really love your photo of the nest in the tree. Love the photos of naughty Marco and Gorgeous George.

  19. I am mad-jealous about the tomatoes!

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