Sunday, August 14, 2022

Three days off

 A good Sunday evening to everyone! I'm right in the middle of a three-day weekend, so I've been pretty lazy. I've messed around in the garden, cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeder, and spent some time in the hammock with a book. As of 4pm I haven't even gotten around to taking a shower yet. It's been nice!

The reason I don't have to work tomorrow is because I have to drive Gregg to a colonoscopy appointment. Since today is his "prep day", he isn't having nearly as nice a time as I am! At least he's no stranger to the procedure. He's had at least three others that I remember so he knows what to expect. 

I was pleased that my boss didn't seem to mind me taking the day off. When I sent her an email reminder of it the other day she responded by wishing Gregg well and by saying that I would be missed at work. I still can't figure her out, but so far so good.

I took a few more butterfly and zinnia photos today. 

We have seen other types of butterflies, but I never manage to get good photos of any of the others. I'm in love with zinnias this summer; I'll definitely plant more next year (and I hope some of the current ones go to seed and resprout, too). The butterflies and hummingbirds and bees all seem to love them.

I'm off now to figure out what to do about dinner. I hate the thought of eating in front of Gregg, since he can't eat anything today. I may see if a friend wants to go out and grab a bite later, or I may just go get some Chinese takeout (not Gregg's favorite) and eat at the table by myself. 

I'm really glad to have tomorrow off work, even though it's too bad that it's at Gregg's expense! I'm going to take a book with me to read while I wait. Hopefully, we'll be home by early afternoon and the rest of the day will be free. 


  1. I must say I don't think Zinnias are particularly popular here but yourslook delightfi;/
    Best wishes to Greg for his colonoscopy tomorrow

  2. I must plant some zinnias next year because they are really beautiful. My brother has some in his garden and they are very hardy in the sun and hot weather. I love how colorful they are and your photos with the butterflies are just terrific!
    Poor Gregg! I certainly do not enjoy having a colonoscopy! Hope his goes well and he gets a good report!

  3. good for him for having his 'scope. I presume this isn't his first?

  4. You’ve managed to take some beautiful butterfly pictures! Hope all goes well for your man! - Jenn

  5. Plant some salvia next year and watch the hummingbirds go insane!!!!! They are going nuts here with it. I too have been seeing a lot of butterflies all of a sudden.

  6. Zinnias are my favorite.
    I hope all goes well with Gregg's procedure tomorrow. The one shining light of a colonoscopy is the drugs. Does that sound bad? Oh well. It's true.
    Take care, sweetie.

  7. Best wishes to Doug for an easy procedure tomorrow.

  8. We had old zinnias in Connecticut that we adored. Don't see many butterflies where we live. So beautiful. Wishing Gregg all well with the colonoscopy... which reminds me, I'm overdue.

  9. Here's hoping all goes (or went) well with Gregg's procedure!
    That is one advantage of you working behind the scenes now instead of being at the forefront of your school, you can have time off much easier than before.

  10. I planted zinnias for the first time as well because I heard they do really well when planted from seed. They are also thriving in this drought-like weather and have bounced back after being trampled by my dog. (I planted them in what he considers to be his zone of the backyard.) Hopefully, you and Greg can enjoy a delicious meal together once his procedure is over.

  11. Well, we've all been there, haven't we? I hope Gregg wasn't too miserable with the prep. I found it much gentler than I thought it might be when I had my most recent colonoscopy a couple of years ago.

    Some butterflies are hard to capture because they just don't stop moving. Swallowtails tend to flutter, for example, and still photos often don't work too well. You could always do a video, though! (I did one on my own blog not too long ago.)

  12. All we have around here are the little white ones, and occasionally a black one.