Friday, August 27, 2010

No, I'm not your friend!

Forgive me for a quick rant here.

I have to get this off my chest: Facebook really irritates me.

I admit,it can be lots of fun with people you are actually friends with. In real life. Or people you genuinely like and would lose touch with otherwise. But what I hate about Facebook is the friend requests from people that I don't care about. Or, worse, people that I dislike, but am embarrassed to ignore a friend request from. Like the Christian Conservative Rupublican Glenn Beck/Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh-lover....who happens to work for the same company as me (we're on the same level, just work in different towns). Like the guy that "likes" things like "Barack Obama= Bullshit" and "Work harder! Millions on welfare depend on you!"  Dude, I am not your friend. I'm your arch nemesis. You offend me. And now I get to scroll through the bs you post every day to read the stuff I actually like. You know, that my friends posted. Sigh.

I constantly consider getting rid of my facebook page. Occasionally I hear from someone I care about, or get to watch a funny video someone posted on my wall, etc. But there is so much juvenile stuff that I rarely get on anymore, much less post anything. Then there are the increasing numbers of my "friends" that aren't, really. I'm really thinking about just deleting my page and forgetting about it.

So there's my Friday rant, not very interesting but it was nice to get it off  my chest! :)

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  1. Absolutely Right On!!!! I never lasted 2 months on that Place. It just makes me so mad!