Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peaches and Lavender

As summer begins to wind down, I am slowly filling my chest freezer with fruity goodness to see us through the winter. We moved into this house in June only to find a wonderful surprise.....nine mature blueberry bushes loaded down with fruit! We have frozen about 3 gallons of them in quart containers, to go with the strawberries I picked at the U-pick farm back in April. In fact, the bushes produced so much that we were able to give away probably 5 gallons to friends, and we enjoyed watching the neighborhood birds bring their fledgling babies to enjoy the bounty.

Today is all about PEACHES! I bought a big beautiful basket of them at the market on Monday, and I'm going to add some quarts of sliced peaches to the freezer. They smell absolutely divine. Could anything on earth smell nicer than a sweet, ripe peach?

Well, one thing might....the bundles of lavender flowers I've been drying! I have fallen in love with the scent of lavender this year. I have one big plant that I am hoping will thrive despite being dug up and moved in May (I harvested the flowers right before digging). Yesterday I took TWO baths with the lavender salts and soap I bought from HMS at the market. Lavender is supposed to have calming, soothing properties and I believe it. I slept like a baby with the gentle scent of it surrounding me!

What are you harvesting this summer?

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