Sunday, September 12, 2010


We finally got some much need rain here last night. What a relief!  Everything had been drying up and turning brown after a month of high temps and no rain. Ginger seemed to really enjoy sniffing the moist ground on our walk this morning. The air seems much fresher and cleaner.  One topic of conversation all week around my house is how quickly the daylight hours are diminishing right now.  I think the days get shorter at a faster rate as we approach the equinox.  I know that the twilight is much shorter, too.

There hasn't been much to blog about this week.  I've been busy at work, and for some reason I have a real lack of motivation right now that I'm working hard to overcome each day.  I need to snap out of it, but the sluggishness of summer won't seem to lift, even though we've had cooler temps.  Maybe the first really chilly nights will give me a boost ! I'm ready for real fall weather, not just less heat :)  I want to wear sweaters, buy pumpkins, drink cider.....and put up my Halloween!

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