Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome September!

It's a new month, and a fresh start!

This week has been much cooler, the sky is bluer, and the leaves are just starting to turn a little. There is a hurricane off the coast, and I hope everyone will be careful and safe. It doesn't look like it's going to threaten the SC coast. Although I don't ever wish for anyone to get hurt, I have to admit to finding hurricanes kind of exciting. You stock up on candles, water, and non perishable foods, you watch the Weather Channel until the power goes out, then you break out the liquor (if friends are riding it out with you) and proceed to have a hurricane party. Lots of fun, especially when the storm ends up being weaker than they expect, and there are no real consequences. Except maybe a hangover :)

It's been a week full of Mondays for me. I'm restless and distracted at work, the computers keep going screwy, I can't seem to make any progress on anything....I guess I can blame Mercury retrograde! :) So tonight I plan to do the same thing I did last night...make an easy sandwich dinner, pop in a movie, and go to bed early. When the stars align against being productive, who am I to argue? I say embrace the moment! After tomorrow the 3 day weekend is here, so there will be even more time to loaf around and be non-productive. Hooray!

Happy September!

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  1. Is Mercury retrograde again? The bastard. That explains my computer crashing. I also feel like I've had a week of Mondays. But September is here!