Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well, Lady Winter is back. It's 22F this morning and windy.

I think I need a thicker sweater......



  1. We're having a warmup here today the 17th. I'm all for that. Hopefully your weather has improved as well.
    Noticed the bird at the bottom of your blog. What kind is it? GiGi and I have 3 parrots and a smaller bird. We have a blue and gold macaw named Reba, a timna africkan grey named Shadow and an Amazon named Buster. I feel like I am in a zoo at times. X.

    1. Our bird is a male Eclectus parrot named Marco.

      I'm not sure I could take a macaw and a grey and an amazon! That's way too much parrot for my nerves! LOL...but I once had a job as a keeper at a small lorikeet attraction, and I took care of a three macaws as well: a blue and gold, a scarlet, and a rambunctious adolescent male greenwing. They were SOMETHING ELSE! I loooved those birds. I think macaws have awesome personalities, but again, they're a bit much.

      Marco is reasonably quiet, and a real sweetheart. I would love to see pictures of your flock!!!