Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring morning

It's a beautiful early spring day here in my part of the world. The trees are budding, daffodils are blooming, birds are busy with nest building, and the air is mild. The days are decidedly longer now. Everything smells fresh and new.

Today is Gregg's first (the first of four) chemotherapy treatment. We are hoping that the side effects will be mild and manageable, and that the next two months go by quickly. Soon all the medical treatments will be over and we can enjoy the rest of the spring and the summer ahead. We are all getting healthy and strong at our house: we're walking (Gregg, Ginger, and me) about 3 miles a day and eating right. Ginger looks trim and strong. Gregg is getting healthier by the day. I have lost 36 pounds since late last summer, and am working on resolving my own health issues.

The spirit of spring is all about change, and we are changing our lifestyle to a healthier way of living. We want to live to see and enjoy many more early spring mornings together!

May we all see positive change manifesting in our lives as the earth reawakens.

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