Saturday, May 5, 2012

Full moon madness

This has been a really draining, emotionally intense week for me. It seems that several situations at work are culminating in explosive, ugly scenes, and old resentments are boiling over all over the place. We have mini versions of this nonsense on about a monthly basis, usually when the moon is almost full.

This particular full moon seems especially intense. There is one coworker that is usually right in the middle of all the drama--a passive aggressive, insecure, immature woman that I am unfortunate enough to share a job title with--and she hated me almost on first sight. She constantly tries to bully, harass, intimidate, and undermine me. She seems to feel very bad about herself. She is forever having emotional "breakdowns" at work over bad personal problems, like getting evicted from her home, having her phone service cut off, having fights with her drug addicted mother...the list goes on. One also gets the impression that her husband isn't a very nice guy, and doesn't work much, and they have two kids...

I can almost feel sorry for her.

It was obvious right from the start that she resented my  happiness in life. I have a husband that I adore and a great marriage. We never have serious financial problems (not that we make much money, far from it, but we're careful). I tend to be a happy, optimistic person. I think she was probably able to sense those things immediately, and hated me for them.

I understand , but that doesn't make dealing with her any more pleasant. Especially since every full moon leads to her not only complaining about her PMS (something I hate) but also her acting out more that usual. Big drama. Big emotion. Big headaches for me!

Meanwhile, at least I'm getting lots of practice dealing with psychotic  difficult people at this job!

And I do love the full moon, provided I am at home watching it rise, and not at work! Our little family takes frequent nighttime walks--and the nights when the moon is big and bright are our favorites. We have been having nice moonlit strolls all week.


  1. The workplace should NOT be somewhere you dread going each morning, but for so many people this IS the case. My wife had the same experience, and tolerated it for years. She would return home each evening almost tearing her hair out. It's usually only one person who causes all the upset. I suggest taking your boss out for a drink after work, and having a wee talk with him/her about the situation.

  2. Don't let her drag you down... that's what this kind of people usually seems to want.