Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small good things

Last week was another rough one for me. My husband's health took a bad turn. He was attempting to mow the grass (while I was at work, or I would have stopped him) and he lost his breath. He fell to the ground and couldn't get a breath for almost a minute. He panicked, naturally, especially since he didn't have his cell phone on him and had no way to call for help. Finally he got enough air that he was able to get into the house, but he was terribly frightened. Worse, he has somehow been set back by the episode. He has had some breathing difficulties since and more pain. The effects from the last chemotherapy are still very much an issue as well, since it has only been two or three weeks since the last treatment. Last night he couldn't even hold a conversation due to being short of breath, and so this morning there will be another round of tests and a doctor's exam to make sure everything is still ok.

My work situation continued to deteriorate last week. Two coworkers that I trusted and liked "threw me under the bus" so to speak, and let me take the blame for things they were responsible for. They joined forces with the crazy emotionally disturbed woman, and went to our boss and said some mean, nasty, untrue things about me. Then the boss (that I've always truly liked and respected) did nothing to help me in the situation. Not one thing.

It really hurts to be treated this way. Like getting kicked when you're already down.

When life is crazy stressful, I have learned that it really helps to notice and enjoy small good things. There are still lots of good things to notice and enjoy even though life continues to be difficult and scary right now.  Here are some of the little pieces of happy I've found to enjoy in the past week or so:

Small good thing #1

This is a sunflower that sprouted in our backyard this spring. It came from a stray seed from the birdfeeder hanging above it. Isn't it beautiful? Like a bright sunny gift given to us, for free.

Small good thing #2

HUMMINGBIRDS! We saw the first one at the feeder last week. Although I didn't get a picture of it, here is a Hummer from a few years ago that I did get to photograph.

(On a side note, I also saw a mated pair of House Finches sitting on the hummingbird feeder sipping sugar water. There's got to be a lesson in that somewhere.)

Small good thing #3

Homemade cherry pie!


  1. Poor you; nothing but troubles. The office situation is awful, this should never happen. The workplace should simply be that; a place where one goes to work, NOT to be bullied. I hope your husband gets the treatment he so obviously needs. Best wishes.

  2. Oh, dear. Now I am afraid I sound like I'm throwing myself a pity party. Which I do from time to time, but I try to hold back on the blog :) haha.

    Thanks for the good wishes!