Friday, June 22, 2012

And finally, fireflies

Last night on our regular stroll around the neighborhood, we saw the first fireflies of the summer! I was beginning to wonder why we had not seen any yet. It seems well past time. Possibly there aren't as many in town. We lived in the country for awhile, on 14 acres with a pond, and we saw lots of them in those days. It seems like they normally show up earlier in the year, too, but I'd have to check back through my handwritten journals to confirm that. I was beginning to wonder when they would show up!

Anyway, nothing says "summer" to me quite like these wee little living torches.

The world is full of wonders, both great and small.


  1. We don't have fireflies here, but our equivalent would be Cicadas. Their noise means SUMMER.

  2. I love the sound of cicadas, too! And crickets and frogs...summertime noises, all.

    No fireflies? That's sad! Have you ever seen them? They are magical little creatures!

  3. A bit jealous here. We don't get fireflies at all in British Columbia. Although I'm not a big insect fan, I'd still like to see them one day.