Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice

Summer, then, is something earthy, in no sense celestial, and the occasion we call the summer solstice is one of those astronomical incidents that have no effect whatever on the growth of a corn crop or a carrot in the kitchen garden....So a passing wave to the summer solstice while we go about our summer business, as we have been doing almost a month now.
Hal Borland

Happy Summer Solstice to all! We've definitely been about the business of summer for awhile now at my house!  It's been a cool, rainy one this year, although in the past week it's suddenly turned hotter and there has been no rain for over a week now. Still, everything is unusually fresh and green and growing for this point in the year, and I am grateful for the outstanding weather we've had so far. It still hasn't turned unbearably hot or dry.

Several of the young trees in our yard are growing fast and absolutely flourishing this year. Our blueberries are fatter than usual and juicy.The lavender and rosemary plants have turned into small hedges, and I have fat buds forming on my stargazer lilies. The grass in my (barely cared for) backyard is lush and soft from all the rain, perfect for walking around barefoot.  Young fledgling birds crowd the feeders each day, and a big resident squirrel family crowd around underneath, and keep one eye peeled for Ginger. One of her biggest joys in life is charging out of the garage and sending all the squirrels racing up trees and fences in a big frantic burst! Of course, they stay nearby and wait for her to disappear back into her lair. Then they're right back to their constant grazing. We have the fattest squirrels in the neighborhood!

It's a good point in time on the great wheel of the year.  I'm loving every minute of it.


  1. Yup, that sounds like the beginning of summer. One day late, but Happy Solstice!

  2. I was indeed a day late! (story of my life...a day late or a dollar short!)

    Happy Solstice!