Friday, June 1, 2012

A morning in June

It's a beautiful, warm, sunny morning. Everything is lush and green and full of life outside my window. The fledgling sparrows are all over the bird feeders, young squirrels are on tiptoe underneath snatching seed (with one wary eye on Ginger the whole while) and scores of bees are cavorting in lavender blossoms. The blueberries are hanging heavy on the bushes, and are just beginning to turn a pale, faint blue. The copious amounts of rain we've received this year are filling out the walnuts in our trees, and this may be the year we finally have a nut harvest. Another sunflower has bloomed next to one of the bird feeders, and stands a proud 5 feet tall, overlooking the herb patch. The neighborhood smells of lemony magnolia flowers, large as dinner plates and opening in dozens of trees; gardenias, and freshly cut grass.

  In short, it's a wonderful morning!

And best of all, GB has been feeling better and better. So much better, in fact, that he is off for the very first time this morning at one of his aquarium maintenance jobs. This is his first day going to work since December. I am so proud of him! And finally, there is the beginning of a feeling of hope inside me that finally, finally, things may be getting better and back to normal for us. 

Welcome, June!

Fiery daylilies blooming in the backyard this morning.

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  1. Very good to hear that GB is feeling so much better. I wish him well.

    Our day lilies are just coming out too. I wish we had your blueberries, maybe our winters are too cold.