Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, the day when we await the imminent birth of the newborn sun (or son, if you happen to be Christian. I am not.) I love the sense of anticipation, possibility, and magic that always permeates this night, no matter how old I get. I love the deep, quiet joy that always seems to arrive in the wee small hours of Christmas morning. I love knowing that although the night is long, and dark, and cold, the sun is already returning, albeit slowly.

Speaking of special midwinter births, a distant cousin of mine became a first time father three days ago. His son was born on the day of the solstice, the 21st of December. My (small) extended family is just thrilled with this little boy's arrival.

This photo was taken shortly after the baby's birth. This is the new dad, embracing his mom (the new grandmother). I love this picture. The sense of joy and relief is palpable, and beautiful to see.


And here is the new baby, going home just in time for Christmas. The reason for a whole lot of joy in our family this year. A special midwinter blessing. His name is Cohen.

Happy Christmas Eve. May you be filled with all the joy and hope of the season!


  1. Congradulations, Merry Christmas. X

  2. That last 'baby' picture is fantastic.. he'll love it (when he's old enough). The perfect start to the celebrations. Very best wishes, Cro xx

  3. I agree with cro
    There is something quite biblical about it