Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three weeks!!

It's only three weeks until Christmas, a fact that  occurred to me this morning with a tiny twinge of horror. I somehow had failed to notice it was getting quite so....close.  How have I missed this? The following is a list of the holiday preparations I have made thus far, as of December 5th:

1. Gifts bought/made: 0 (unless the Of Monsters and Men CD I bought myself yesterday counts, haha)
2. Holiday cards mailed: 0
3. Plans made for Christmas Eve goodies and Christmas dinner: 0
4. House decorations up: .50

All I have really accomplished so far is buying a super cheap small fake tree. We put it together the other night, then realised we only have two strands of lights that work. We'll have to go buy some before we can finish decorating the tree. Right now it's sitting in our living room looking bare and kind of forlorn. As for holiday cards, I have bought some and even filled out a few. I still have to finish writing them, though, then find all the addresses for the envelopes, and then mail them. Gifts will have to be small, simple, and mostly homemade this year (and for only a few select people) as we are still trying to recover from GB being out of work for so long. Small, simple, and inexpensive gifts take more thought and time than regular gifts, though. I have a few half formed plans, but I definitely need to get started soon. On everything.

I can't believe the holidays are only three weeks away! How are your holiday preparations coming? Am I the only one that's so far behind?


  1. Small and forlorn trees are the most heartwarming! I'm sure your little guy will perk right up once he's got his lights on.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. I don't DO Christmas until about the 20th; apart from my letter to Santa, of course!

  3. We are a bit further advanced than you, although I have got the nagging feeling we are forgetting something. Yesterday I ordered holiday postcards (we try to make our own), most of the gifts have been bought or are in preparation and we have our first cookie-making appointment on Sunday. Some of the decoration has been put up (except for the lights, the BF is in charge of them) and we have plans to buy a local holiday tree - a real one. Oh, and I have even started planning our New Year's party. ^^

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    hope that helps xxxxxxx