Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Adding insult to injury!

I hate the dental hygienist who works for my dentist. She's such an idiot.

Every time she cleans my teeth, I have to listen to stories about her Baptist missionary son and his family who live in Indonesia. It's obvious the whole family has nothing but contempt for the people there. She's always talking about how they "live in squalor" and how dirty everything is and how ignorant the people are. But according to Mrs. Self Righteous, her son "is doing God's work" and will remain among the savages until "God tells him" it's time to come back to the States.


On top of that, she's none too gentle when scraping around under my gums. She gets so caught up in her endless babbling monolog that I don't think she notices when I'm uncomfortable. And then today, after chiding me for not flossing as often as I should (admittedly I need to do it more often than once or twice a week), she had the nerve to say to me, "You know you're getting older now, and at your age you need to be more vigilant with your dental hygiene. Things will go downhill more quickly now if you're not careful."


I didn't have any new cavities, and I was just there for my routine 6 month cleaning and checkup (that I show up for like clockwork). She didn't have to act like I'm on a slippery slope to dentures at the ripe old age of 40!

I think she was paying me back for a comment I made when I first got there. She was talking about the "filth" in Indonesia and how her son was recovering from an infection with Giardia. When she started to explain what that was, I cut her off and said, "I know what it is. My dog had that when I adopted him from the shelter." Well, you should have seen the look on her face! I think she took it as an insult, like I was comparing her saintly son to a dog. (I wasn't, but the truth is my dog is probably a lot nicer than her son!)

Oh well. I think I'm going to request the other hygienist next time, instead of Mrs Church Lady Asshole! Someone else can take care of me and my aging teeth!


  1. I like all the dogs that I know. i can't say it about people.

  2. You must definitely request the other hygienist! She behaving unprofessionally, as well as being an asshole! And I agree with Yael. I like all the dogs I know, can't say the same about their humans.

  3. I have also blogged about my hygienist, Laverne. I request her because she does not speak, except for Do you floss?
    She has blown me off twice in a row, and I'm beginning to take it personally. Plus, I get stuck with the chick who babbles on forever.

  4. A nightmare on all fronts. I hate dentists with an unparalleled passion, my teeth reflect that, and I cannot stand self-righteous god botherers. I also agree with Yael.