Monday, August 8, 2016

A no-good, very bad day (off).

Today has been one of the worst days off work I've had in quite a while. Sorry to whine, but  I think that a day that's been total crap since I opened my eyes deserves a mention on the blog. And it's good to vent....right? Right.

First thing:

My husband has been up all night long throwing up. There's nothing that makes me feel any more helpless than watching someone I care about being sick. I don't know if he has a virus, or food poisoning, or what. All I know is that about once an hour he stumbles to the bathroom and dry heaves over the toilet. And all I can do is watch (and offer him a warm wet washcloth).

That's how the day began.

Then my phone rang at 8:30 am. It was an HR person from the school district office where I've applied for a secretarial position, calling to set up an interview. Nice, right? Wrong! They only gave me the option to interview tomorrow at 11:30am. But I can't be there then, I have to be in Wilmington, NC for a mandatory workshop for my current job. Not only am I required to be at this workshop, but a coworker is depending on me for a ride to it. There's no way I can get out of going, especially not with only 24 hours notice. I asked the woman if I could please interview any other day this week, at any time, because I could make anything else work. But she was vague and kind of blew me off and hung up. I got the impression that she was just some office worker herself who had been handed a list of names and times to confirm, and I was just a call to check off the list to her.

I'm so disappointed.

Then around 10:00 I remembered that I needed to call the dentist to reschedule what I thought was an appointment for tomorrow, since I'll be out of town. Well, was I surprised to discover that my appointment was actually for today, at 11:15. Just great!  I tried to reschedule on the grounds that my day was sucking, what with a sick husband and all, but the office manager said I couldn't get another appointment until late September. I really needed to have a hard permanent filling put in the last tooth that had a root canal before then. So I had to jump in the shower, and rush off to make it to a dental appointment.

All of this before noon, mind you.

I'd just as soon be at work today, I think.


  1. Yes. It's good to vent - just like a volcano. Without venting the mountain will blow its top. I hope Gregg is feeling better soon - poor fellow.

  2. It is Monday. The very nature of Monday is evil and should be banished. We should think up a new day altogether and eliminate Mondays from the calendar. I am pretty sure it is the only way to make it stop.

  3. Hey!! Update! The lady called me back and scheduled an interview for Wednesday!

    And my poor husband has norovirus. I'm washing my hands like mad and sleeping in another bedroom....I'm afraid I'll catch it and not be able to make it to the interview. Quarantine time!

  4. Sorry to hear you had such a crappy morning. It always feels better to vent I think.

    Not sure what norovirus is but it sounds really bad. Hope you're able to find some surgical gloves or something so you can take care of hubs without catching his germs :/

    And hey, you got to re-schedule that interview, so maybe your luck is changing!

  5. Update Good !
    Now do 20 minutes of quiet and pull all these bad vibes from you so You can ace your interview.
    Gosh I hope Husband gets better soon.
    Pat the gud dugs for mr.
    thehamish and I send lots of gud thoughts.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

    1. I'm practically vibrating with anxiety tonight. The workshop in Wilmington tomorrow morning, the poor sick husband, the looming interview on's almost too much. The dogs have been bewildered and depressed today. I will pat them for you...and thanks for the nice comment!

  6. Sorry about the suckiness! Novovirus is very infectious - keep up with the handwashing! Fingers Xed for you, be careful because missing that interview would be the last straw. Good luck.

  7. On the bright side; your week can only get better!

  8. Phew - that all sounds mega stressful. Good luck with your interview on Wednesday.

  9. I hope it all turns out well for you Jennifer and you don't catch the dreaded norovirus. When you are in the same house though you will be extremely lucky if you don't get it. Good luck.

  10. What a morning and your poor sick hubby. But then the welcome ok for a an interview date you can do, so some good news too. I hope your interview goes wonderfully well on Wednesday.

  11. I'm still holding my breath...?
    I'm expecting good news!
    Greetings Maria x

  12. The interview is this afternoon. I'm nervous, but can only do my best and then hope for the best.

    Gregg is much better. And the trip to Wilmington yesterday was long and exhausting, but I went to bed early last night and so I feel better.

    I go straight to work this afternoon after my interview, but tomorrow I have a day off. I need it!

    Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. Keep the good vibes coming throughout the afternoon!

  13. I hope the interview went well and Gregg is fully recovered! Noro is nasty, really nasty, but at least it is (usually) over in a matter of days.
    Enjoy your day off!