Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book club food

Tomorrow I'm hosting the August book club meeting for my group for the first time. Since we'll be discussing The Japanese Lover" by Isabel Allende and the book is set in both present day and WW2 era California, I wanted to find recipes inspired by the West coast to serve.

I played around on Pinterest and combined some ideas I saw to come up with this menu:

California Chicken Salad in Wonton Cups

Summer fruit platter

Assorted cheeses and crackers

2 California wines, a red and a white

Iced Tazo Green Tea Lemonade

Fancy little shop cookies

I went ahead and assembled the fruit platter and made the chicken salad this afternoon . The crispy wonton cups that will hold the chicken salad won't be baked and filled until tomorrow afternoon. Since the chicken salad is just mixed up in a big bowl right now (and I forgot celery so I'll have to run to the store in the morning and get some to chop and add in) it doesn't look like much, but the fruit platter is pretty:

More tomorrow...


  1. I thought you'd already done your bit as hostess. The mixed salad looks divine.

    1. I'm in two book clubs...this is the larger of the two and it's the first time I've hosted this one!

  2. Yes Please, When are we meeting again ?

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  3. Like Cro, I also thought you'd already hosted the Book Club before.
    The fruit platter looks delicious - it would go so well with the muesli I am eating right now :-)
    But won't the diced pineapple and melon become a bit dry until tomorrow?

    1. Oh my gosh...I hope the fruit won't be dry! I wrapped the platter very tightly with saran wrap and it's in the refrigerator!

  4. I wish i was in your book club:)

  5. Good luck with the book club meeting. I hope the local cops have been informed - just in case there's trouble.

  6. The book clubs here are excuses to drink wine. The books are definitely secondary.