Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend off

I have the weekend off, and I didn't even ask for it. It's so nice to not be at the mall on Saturday night! I could  get used to this schedule.....

Today was somewhat productive, but nice too. The weather was perfect--blue skies and mild temperatures. I slept late, rode my bike, spent time with the dogs, and did a little bit of housework (the kitchen was downright grubby but an hour or so of scrubbing made things better) and shopping. Besides a typical grocery store trip, I checked out a new butcher shop that's opened up in Florence. A couple of my friends have been raving about the wonderful locally farmed meats for sale there. I'm so glad I went! The selection is wonderful and very reasonably priced. I bought some bacon-wrapped steaks and two pounds of shrimp for the grill.

This is what our supper looked like:

Image may contain: food
Bacon wrapped sirloin and shrimp marinated in Cajun spiced lime butter, cooked on the grill,
with brown and wild rice and mixed heirloom cherry tomatoes on the side.

While preparing our meal I had several mixed drinks, Diet Coke with lime and rum. (Skinny Cuba Libres). I bought a big bottle of rum and a bagful of limes because tomorrow Marla is coming over and I'm making us strawberry daiquiris!!

Speaking of which, I went back to the strawberry farm today and bought another big box full of beautiful strawberries. I didn't want to risk running out.

Image may contain: fruit and food
I'm known for my strawberry takes a lot of berries to make them right!

I also saved back a lot of grilled shrimp to make a cold pasta salad for our lunch tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing Marla and catching up over food and drinks.

It's shaping up to be a nice weekend!


  1. That Steak looks gorgeous. Steaks like that cost a fortune over here, and are for special occasions only. I'm slowly becoming an enforced veggie.

    1. The steaks like the one pictured here cost $4.99 each at the new butcher shop I visited today! And it's locally raised, grass fed, etc. The flavor was wonderful!

  2. It's great to be able to buy local produce at decent prices. The meal looks delicious. Any rum left for the daiquiris?

  3. Good, you're riding your bike. And an hour of scrubbing often makes a difference to a kitchen....


  4. That food looks tasty. What's your recipe for strawberry daiquiri?

  5. Have a nice weekend Jennifer.(our weekend is over here, i don't mind, i like every day of the week:)

  6. That steak looks absolutely perfect Jennifer. We have good weather here too. Enjoy your day off away from the shopping mall.

  7. Dinner looks and sounds beautiful and lunch, too. So nice to get a gift of a day off.

  8. Beautiful food! Have fun today!

  9. Your strawberry daiquiris sound yummy, and relaxing to drink them. I love to buy local meat and produce too, and grilling is the ideal way to do steaks, etc.

  10. First, I wanted your meal. Then you wrote about the drinks. Guess what I want now?