Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Totally bananas!

My husband loves bananas. He eats them almost every day. When he's at work (at the pet store) he never actually takes a lunch break, and since he has his hands in fish tanks all day long a banana is a perfect snack for him. It's portable, comes in its own wrapper, and can be eaten on the fly without having to worry about hand washing first. Plus, they're healthy. What's not to love? He's been taking a banana or two to work with him for years now to munch on when he's hungry.

Almost all bundles of bananas have one or two stickers on them, and often those stickers have super heroes, cartoons, and movie promos on them along with plenty of the standard "Dole" brand ones. Years ago, on a whim, he started putting those stickers on the wall above his desk, and now he's built up quite a collection !

Kids always notice the banana stickers these days, and sometimes try to talk him into giving them one. He always refuses, and tells the kid, "You'd better ask your mom to start buying you bananas!" Once a little boy even offered him a nickel for one of the Star Wars stickers! Haha. My husband is doing his part to help kids eat more fruit, I guess.

When Gregg sent me this photo the other day, I was surprised at how many there were. It's a lot, especially when you consider that there's usually only one or two stickers per bunch. I told him I was going to blog about his Banana Sticker Collage, and he said, "Don't! Your blog friends will think I'm silly!" He's actually one of the least silly people I know, which makes his Banana Wall even more endearing to me. We can all use more quirky fun in our lives, right?


  1. not silly, really cool! people collect all kinds of interesting things. spouse and I collect shot glasses from places we have been.

  2. I love it and not silly at all! When my grandchildren were younger they saved *all* fruit stickers (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.). They decorated an interior door frame in the kitchen with them. It is quite a collection. I love your husbands!

  3. I love Banana and any kind of fruit stickers. I saved them on paper and made postcards from them for my Japanese Granddaughter. She loves getting mail ! Easy and so fun and different from the ones she finds.
    I adore Husbands wall.

  4. Very cool! I have eaten a banana each day for probably going on 25 years myself.


  5. Tell Gregg I don't think he's silly, I think he's a monkey!

  6. My Retired man is banana obsessed also. For as long as I can remember, he always took a banana to work and since he retired, he has to start his day with the potassium enriched banana or his day will not be right. If a snowstorm is predicted, he needs to go to the store, not for milk or bread, but bananas. . I Just checked the label on the two he bought today and all I saw was ‘Dole’ oand a number. I will have to ask him about that.

  7. I'm with you. I believe Gregg is far outnumbered.

  8. I too love bananas. The ones I buy here have a small sticker on them that says SCB. These are my oldest son's initials, so when sending him letters I always put one next to the stamp!

  9. You have stated all their advantages so well, Jennifer! I eat a banana almost every day, too; either to top my muesli or as a mid-afternoon snack, and preferably an hour or so before I go for a run.
    My bananas usually come without a sticker but a nasty bit of sticky tape around each bundle. The tape says "Bio" (our equivalent for "organic"). I could well do without it but I still buy them because they are organic, and I prefer that to the non-organic variety.
    As for being silly - what's wrong with that every now and then? :-)

  10. I love his banana wall! And that truly is a great way to inspire kids to eat bananas. My mother told my seriously obsessive compulsive brother when he was around 12 that he should eat a banana every day if he wanted to stay healthy. He’s about to turn 60 and comes close to a panic attack if he’s out of bananas.

  11. That is absolutely cool how it's gotten kids more interested in eating bananas. He's a good man for doing that and I love his Banana Wall. Pink Floyd can't sing " We don't need no education..." about his wall because his wall is made of bananas and not bricks so all in all you're just another banana in the wall. :) The older I get, the fruitier I get!

  12. Bananas are okay, I eat them now and then. My friend Steve eats tons of them. He runs about 100 miles a week. He says they keep his legs from cramping.

  13. He can have'em they make me sick.

  14. I had no idea banana stickers had become so interesting. I've occasionally blogged the normal ones, even old ones from my childhood journals, but I haven't seen this kind with super heroes and characters on them. Who doesn't love a good sticker?!

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