Thursday, March 26, 2020

Just catching up

We're hanging in there here at Casa de Quarantine. How are you managing? Are you stir crazy yet?

I've gone up to my school to answer phones a couple of times. The principal emailed out a schedule for two people per day to answer phones, and said that if we were uncomfortable coming to the school to do it, we could download an app on our phones that would let us do it from home. I chose to go to the school; it's only a mile and a half away, there's only a handful of people up there at any one time (either the principal or the assistant principals, a custodian or two, and the two office staff and/or counselors scheduled for phone duty) and it feels good to leave the house for a few hours.

Gregg is going up to the pet store three days per week, two hours prior to opening, so that he can do water changes on the aquarium system, care for the fish, and make sure all the equipment is functioning properly. One of his tank maintenance jobs is still happening, at the mayor's office, and he goes there on Wednesday nights for two hours. That's it for us as far as work goes. We're adjusting to being at home a lot. I've made a big list of  household projects to complete while we're here, but we haven't started it yet. The main reason is that I've been sick. My bad allergy symptoms have lessened some, but I developed a cough to go along with it and it scares me. It's not a dry cough, at least (which is a symptom of the dreaded virus) but a wet, productive cough. And I still have no fever which is a good sign. I wish I'd start feeling better, though. This whole situation is depressing enough without being sick.

There's not a whole lot to say, so here are a couple of pictures I took last week.

Fresh fruit salad for dessert the other night:

Image may contain: fruit and food

Ginger sharing my lunch of tuna salad on Saltine crackers:

Image may contain: dog

Marco enjoying some outside time on the back porch:

Image may contain: bird

And finally, blooming in my yard:

Take care of yourselves, and we'll talk again soon.


  1. Happy to hear you are at least up and about and fighting through your allergies. The fruit salad looks wonderful, that Marco looks a real character. Beautiful dogwood and wisteria, ours are quite far behind yours but at least it is spring.

  2. We are all having to adjust, aren't we?
    Well, that's stating the obvious.
    Y'all stay safe. Don't worry too much about household projects. Concentrate on whatever makes you happiest.
    Like blooming dogwoods and wisteria, sweet dogs and funny parrots.

  3. Hopefully, your cough will subside soon. You definitely don't need that on top of the current situation! Going out to work for a few hours sounds good. I chickened out of my scheduled run tonight with my friend; I've felt cold all day and it has become so chilly that I rather not attack my nose and throat with the cold air. Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be much warmer, so there should be plenty of occasion to go walking - with O.K., as he will most likely join me for the weekend tomorrow after work.
    Fresh fruit is so good! I make sure to eat some every day, even though carrying home apples, bananas and so is heavy.

  4. dogwoods! you are SO far ahead of us! my weeping cherry is about ready to pop, mu dogwood doesn't even have buds yet.

    I work for a small business; there are 6 of us total; we do not meet with the public. we created a plan where only 1 of us is in the physical office each work day. today was my day. I got SO much shit done without being interrupted by phone calls/co-workers. and it's a sunny warm day in philly.

  5. Your wisteria is nice, I got fed up with mine. Now I have roses there. I'm still working because we have dumb shits who think 'life sustaining' means they can come and browse the tile aisle. Going to the school is good. It adds a bit of normalcy. I'm sure Greg enjoys his 2 hours at the Mayor's offie.

  6. Enjoy your Spring days, The Dogwood and Wisteria looks beautiful. We don't have those flower here, so very lovely.

  7. Dogwood, just lovely. They are dying off up here.

  8. I am so glad to see you! I've been worried about you since you've been feeling so bad. Hopefuly you are feeling some better. It's great to see Ginger and Marco. That fruit salad looks sooo good! I love the dogwood too - that's one of my favorite flowering trees. I left a comment this afternoon but when I checked back it wasn't here. I probably did something wrong! Take care of yourself.

  9. Isn’t it wonderful that it is spring and everything is in bloom. However, isn’t it terrible for us with allergies. Take care, Jennifer and use your meds to get you through this sneezing, coughing time of the year.

  10. Good to read how you are getting on. I had a horrid head cold at the end of Feb and I am only just finishing with the coughing ! Hope you get it done sooner. Lovely to see the Wisteria. We have a lot at the side of our garden that comes over from the neighbour's garden. It hasn't even got any leaves on it yet. To be looked forward to!

  11. Sounds like you're both managing. Hope you're both feeling well, too!

  12. Love the dogwood! Sorry you haven't been feeling great -- but I'm glad you don't have a fever. That's reassuring. I love that intense stare Ginger is giving the tuna -- I know that look! LOL

  13. "Wet, productive cough"? Thank you for sparing us the graphic details! It is so good that you have a secure job when all of a sudden millions of Americans have had to declare themselves unemployed. It is bad enough worrying about this plague without having to fret about money and bills you simply cannot pay.

  14. The situation is just starting to reveal its self for what it is her in Michigan. I live in one of the three hardest hit areas and while the governor is doing her best the president is blocking her efforts. November cannot come quickly enough! Meanwhile my allergies or something gave me a scare earlier in the week but it seems to be nothing.

  15. Glad your allergy is clearing up and you are well enough to go to the school occasionally. Marco looks so pleased and a bit regal in his perch on your porch and that fruit salad, yum.

  16. I had a sore throat and it scared me, but my doctor said I was coming down with a cold. Instead, it's nasty allergies. They're extra bad this year. Marco should be on a ship with Kate Winslet, squawking that he's the king of the world.


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