Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 It's already the midpoint of the work week, thanks to having Monday off. I'm glad. My job is really slow and boring these days thanks to the pandemic. Our in-person student enrollment is way down and we strictly limit visitors allowed in the front office. I can't wait until next year when things are expected to be almost back to normal. They've released the calendar for 2021/2022 and are planning to have all the students back in person five days a week. They're planning to get us all vaccinated well before then to make it safe. We'll see if it actually works out, but I do hope so.

Speaking of vaccines, Gregg texted me this afternoon to tell me that a friend of his who works at one of the hospitals has offered to get him in for his first jab on Friday! I'm really happy about that. It will be a load off my mind to see him vaccinated and safe. 

After a solid week of cold, gray, rainy weather, we finally had a sunny day yesterday (our first day back at work after the long weekend, because of course). Today started off clear but by lunchtime the dark clouds had rolled back in and we're in for more rain and gloom for the rest of the week. I won't complain, because my friend Meg in Texas just went three days without power or water thanks to a snow/ice storm hammering the state. She has a husband and three young children, and they've been really roughing it out there. It was 43F in her house when their power finally came back on a little while ago, and they're still boiling snow for washing and using bottled water for drinking. Several days of cold rain is nothing compared to that!

There was one ray of sunshine this afternoon, though: Little P.! He had a new trick to show me that he had learned in school. He lifted his shirt, stuck his right cupped hand under his left armpit, and proceeded to make farting sounds by cranking his arm up and down. He thought it was the FUNNIEST THING EVER. He had to demonstrate it to me several times, and he even tried to play "Old McDonald Had a Farm" with fart noises. (!!!) At some point he informed me "If you don't wear deodorant it's even more real!!!"  

All I could do was laugh and laugh. That boy is something else.

That's all I've got for now. Happy Humpday, everybody!


  1. lil P is a delight! we are expecting another 6" of snow tomorrow. we have not gotten rid of the last 3 storms garbage.

  2. Oh my word, little P and big farty arm pits.

  3. I'm so happy that Gregg will be getting the vaccine! I know that must make you feel better as well. I hope you will be able to get yours before long too. I had to laugh reading about Little P. and his arm farts! It brought back a similar funny memory to me. My Dad was always big about playing with my two boys and one time when he visited us he taught both boys (then preschoolers) how to do arm farts like Little P. Those boys spent days marching around the house making arm farts!

    I hope the remainder of your week goes smoothly!

  4. Sadly, as one gets older, lifting up your shirt and making fart noises with your hand in your arm pit is frowned upon!

  5. I see a bright future for little P. Good news about Gregg; it'll be a great relief for you both.

  6. Oh dear, your poor friend! I find it hard to imagine going without power or water for days on end; I don't buy bottled water so I would have to drink from my stock of alcoholic drinks which normally lasts for months, if not years...! I remember a few years ago when I had no heating or hot water for two or three weeks; I heated water in the kettle and poured it in the sink to get a wash in the morning, and so hated to wash my hands in cold water throughout the day.

    Good to know Gregg will have his first jab tomorrow. I hope you and all the staff at the school will soon have yours, too.

    Little P. never fails to make us smile or laugh :-)

  7. "If you don't wear deodorant, it's even more real." Yes it is!

  8. Have you had a go at making similar fart noises following Little P's masterful demonstration? When you have mastered the art please post video evidence - perhaps your own unique version of Frank Sinatra's "My Way".

  9. Oh, Little P! How we love him!
    Slowly, more and more people are becoming vaccinated. Hurray for Gregg!

  10. Ah, Little P is going through a boy's right of passage--Armpit farting! Speaking as the mother of three boys who also thought it was hilarious way back when...their sister, however, was less enthusiastic about it. :)

    Good news for Gregg getting the vaccine!

  11. Texas did get hammered. I thought it amusing that at first they tried to blame the New Green Deal... when there isn't such a thing. And, sadly, I know full grown men who still do that farting trick.

  12. I've never met a child who didn't love learning to make that fart sound.