Friday, July 31, 2020

Can you cook?

This was a fun "copy and paste and insert your own answers" thing I saw on Facebook this morning. I thought it might make for a good post to see how many of my blog friends like to cook. Share in the comments which numbers you answer "yes" to! (Obviously some of these questions are geared towards people who live in the Southern US. Sorry about that.)

I don't think people cook as much anymore because everything is boxed/premade and frozen etc. Copy/paste as your status and share if you want to see who can cook!
1. Made biscuits from scratch? Yes (doesn't mean they were good though).
2. Fried fresh okra? Yes
3.Made sourdough bread? No
4. Fried chicken? Yes
5. Made spaghetti sauce from scratch? Yes
6. Made any kind of yeast bread? Does the bread machine count?
7. Baked a cake from scratch? Yes
8. Made icing from scratch? Yes
9. Cooked a pot roast with all the veggies? Yes
10. Made chili from scratch? Yes
11. Made a meatloaf? Yes
12. Made scalloped potatoes? No
13. Made mac/cheese from scratch? Yes
14. Made a jello salad? Yes, and I love Watergate Salad when the holidays roll around!
15. Made peanut brittle? No
16. Made fudge? No
17. Made cookies from scratch? Yes
18. Cooked a pot of beans from dried beans? Yes
19. Cooked a pot of greens? Yes
20. Made cornbread from scratch? Yes
21. Make a pie dough from scratch? No, but plan to try soon.
22. Cooked a whole turkey? Yes
23. Snapped green beans and cooked them? Yes (I thought of Ms. Moon with this one!)
24. Made mashed potatoes from scratch? Yes
25. What’s the most people you have (alone) prepared a whole meal for? ?? Umm...6 maybe?
26. Poached an egg? No
27. Made pancakes from scratch? Yes
28. Roasted vegetables in the oven instead of boiling them? Yes
29. Made fresh pasta? No
30. Made croissants from scratch? No
31. Made tuna salad? Yes
32. Fried fish? No, but only because I don't like it.
33. Made baked beans? No, always open a can. :)
34. Made ice cream from scratch? No
35. Made jam or jelly? Yes
36. Zested an orange or lemon? Yes, regularly.
37. Made grits from scratch? Yes
38. Made an omelet? Yes
39. Lived in a house without a dishwasher? Yes, but not for a long time!
40. Eaten a bowl of cereal for supper? Yes


  1. I could answer yes to many if not most of these. Except jello....yuck. Can't do it. Reminds me of old people without teeth food. Can't take okra either. I if I say so, I love my fired chicken and roasted veggies are the way to go.

    Now I didn't know what to have dinner tonight....fried chicken I believe!!!!!!

  2. 1. no
    2. no
    3. no
    4. no
    5. yes (if you count opening a can of tomato puree as a base)
    6. yes in my bread machine
    7. yes
    8. yes
    9. yes
    10. spouse has
    11. spouse has
    12. no
    13. no
    14. no
    15. no
    16. yes
    17. no
    18. no
    19. no
    20. yes
    21. no
    22. spouse has
    23. no
    24. spouse has
    25. 4
    26. spouse has
    27. no
    28. no
    29. no
    30. no
    31. spouse has
    32. no
    33. no, always open a can
    34. no
    35. no
    36. no
    37. no
    38. spouse has
    39. yes, but not for a long time
    40. yes

    1. Opening a can of tomato puree as a base TOTALLY counts. Who the heck can get decent tomatoes 10 months out of the year? Not me!

  3. No to #s 2,3,15,16,26,29,30,33,and 34. Yes to the rest.
    As for #25 I've cooked for about 30 people on several occasions. I shudder at the thought now!

    1. 30 people?! Omg, I would have a panic attack! Good for you!!

  4. No to 2, 20, and 30. I'm an over achiever when it comes to cooking.

    1. I have a great cornbread recipe for you! it's so damn easy!

    2. I like all kinds of cornbread! Skillet fried, baked and fluffy, even sweet Jiffy style corn muffins (although they're far from my first choice--cornbread shouldn't be sweet as a rule!)

  5. I had to start over and count the "no's". There were 3 no's. But then, I'm 77. I've had a lot of time. As for the grit's I've never cooked from scratch, I've had them in restaurants and they're not half bad.

    1. When you have good quality, stone ground grits, cooked properly (slow) and well seasoned with salt, pepper and butter, you have something special! Add a good handful of grated sharp cheddar---heaven!

  6. I only had four no’s. Like Joanne, I have been around a long time and enjoy cooking and I I love southern food. I made grits for the first time this year. You are never too old to try something new.

    Mashed potatoes “from scratch” - how else can they be made?

    1. I admit to having some of the dried mashed potato flakes around. They make a great thickener for potato soup!

    2. Also, instant mashed potatoes are excellent when you're camping! But otherwise, I totally agree with you.

  7. I love cooking, so most of my answers would be yes. However, I don't cook anything that involves sugar; I leave all that side to my wife.

    1. I've seen some of the things she makes on your blog, obviously she is a good (sweet) cook!

  8. This is a fun quiz. I should be honest and say I am not too crazy about cooking and I'm not the best cook either. However, since I have been around 68 years as of next week I answered yes to all but three of the questions. I have never made fresh pasta, croissants from scratch or grits from scratch. I did grow up in the South and most of the items listed were very commonly made back in the 50's and 60's.

    1. Good quality, stone ground grits cooked from scratch are absolutely delicious!

  9. I can cook but now I leave most of the cooking to my Son and Daughter. They are beyond fabulous cooks.

  10. I’ve never made peanut brittle, fresh pasta or croissants. Otherwise- of course.
    I have no idea the number I’ve fed at once. Do we count when I cook at Gatorbone? Let’s just say- a lot.

  11. Q41 Have you ever made delicious, golden Yorkshire puddings using your own mixture?
    Q42 Have you ever made an Indian curry from scratch?
    Q43 Have you ever made an oriental-style stir fry?
    Q44 Have you ever cooked and eaten part of a human being?

    1. I would love to make Yorkshire puddings! I've wanted to try them since I started reading your blog. I HAVE made an oriental-style stir fry.

  12. #3, 19, 30 are no and the rest are yes and the most people I cooked for alone is maybe 20 at Christmas and Thanksgiving in the past. I've been in the South a long time now even though I was born and raised in Maine.

    1. My friend Marian lived in Maine for a long time. She really misses it!

  13. 1-10. NO
    11. Made a meatloaf? Yes
    12-24. NO
    25. What’s the most people you have (alone) prepared a whole meal for? ?? 3
    26-30. NO
    31-34. NO
    35. Made jam or jelly? Yes
    36. Zested an orange or lemon? Yes
    37. Made grits from scratch? No
    38. Made an omelet? Yes
    39. Lived in a house without a dishwasher? No
    40. Eaten a bowl of cereal for supper? Yes

    1. Mitchell, I KNEW the answer to whether or not you are a cook! You've written about your cooking skills on your blog! lol.

  14. I can tell these questions were geared toward the South! I actually like to cook and have done a lot of the items on your list. I have never cooked okra..that is one vegetable that totally grosses me out.

    1. Okra can be delicious when it's chopped, breaded, and fried with good seasonings! It loses any sliminess when it's fried, and the flavor is good. :)

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