Sunday, July 26, 2020

These two...

When I'm feeling low, these two sweet faces are everything. They're such a comfort to me. 

I love them so much.


  1. I've always felt the same about my dogs. I would be totally lost without them.

  2. I can see why...look at those faces and eyes.

  3. Ginger reminds me of my first dog, Dillon. He was a similar size and shape and face , but with sticking up ears.He was " tan" with white paws and bib. He left us 7 years ago aged about 16. We now have a 7 yr old schnauzer, who is shortly going to be dragged out in the rain!! Can't imagine life without him!

  4. They seem like lovely, chilled-out dogs but not quite as sweet and lovable as your cheeky feathered friend - the roguish Senor Marco. Could he have a little saddle to ride around on Ginger or George? Perhaps a small riding crop too?

  5. nothing beats the joy of a dog and t's just so infectious, you can't help but smile with them.
    Having said that, I'm about to wring Harry's elegant art deco neck. He's whining around for who knows what reason. He's been fed, been out, as the couch to himself.....

  6. Dogs know when you are feeling sad, they are very sensitive creatures.

  7. those sweet faces would cheer the grumpiest soul.

  8. I know what you mean. My pets have been my savior during this rough and getting rougher time.

  9. Oh, absolutely. Who wouldn't feel better looking into those soulful eyes?!

  10. What precious, loving faces! Yes, our sweet babies are such wonderful support and full of unconditional love and understanding. I am so glad you have them in your life. Hugs to you Jennifer!

  11. Dogs are so great! My dogs are spoiled because they need to be spoiled.

  12. Adorable sweethearts.George is saying I love you and Ginger is saying look at my goodest boo boo eyes... now give me a cookie.

  13. I understand the feeling. And how can you not fall in love with those faces?

  14. Oh yes, sweet faces and sweethearts.

  15. Those photos are wonderful. I don't know what I'd do without Mr. Murphy. As I am typing this, is is on the bed with me staring out the bedroom window watching the world go by. When I look into his eyes, my heart melts. I simply don't know what I'd do without him.

  16. They are excellent photos of wonderful dogs. Thanks for the peek.

  17. Everyone who has ever lived with a pet, especially a cat or dog (or parrot!), will know what you mean. I do miss having a cat around, after I've lived with one or more of them almost all my life. But it would be just so unfair to whatever animal I'd share the place with, when I'm away most weekends and, in non-corona times, out for work all day.

  18. We take comfort wherever we can get it in these times or turmoil, but a dog is a comfort most anytime (except when they are digging up the garden). They're adorable

  19. Our furbabies are such a great source of comfort to us in our times of need and when we aren't in need, they're our best friends and companions. They ask nothing of us except to be loved in return and that we gladly give them. Your babies are precious and I'm sure they're just as spoiled as mine are.

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