Saturday, July 11, 2020

The pandemic: a rant

South Carolina is finally excelling at something!!!

Per capita we're in third place in the entire world for the rate of new Covid-19 infections. Yay, us!

Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from this post so far? Read on if you feel like reading a rant...otherwise, don't say you weren't warned.

Yes, it's a fact that we have the third highest new infection rate per capita than any other city or country in the world here in South Carolina. Today our positive case count has reached a new daily high of 2237. Statewide so far our positive cases have doubled in less than a month and are now over 54,000. We've had almost 1000 deaths. Our hospitals are reaching dangerous capacity and one in Richland County (an hour away from where I live) made the national news yesterday because of their overflowing ICU, the growing demand for ventilators, and for the number of deaths they've had in the last few days. Today, our state had our first child (pediatric) death from Covid-19.

And how does our fine populace respond? Like FUCKING IDIOTS, that's  how. Pardon the language. (I did warn you). Our leadership is nonexistent. Governor McMaster held a press conference yesterday to address the surge in this disease. You know what he proclaimed as a solution? Are you ready for this?

Bars and restaurants have to stop selling alcohol after 11pm!

That's it! Seriously.

Oh, and McMaster also parroted the fool in the White House and said we "must" reopen schools on time. No matter what. We have nothing for leadership in this state. Nothing. And the people here are just as bad! Our city passed a mask ordinance. You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people refuse to wear masks, refuse to make their employees wear them, and spread lies and misinformation about wearing them. They talk about their "rights" and their "freedom". Many of them still dismiss the whole pandemic as a plot to "bring down our President".  And no, I'm not kidding about that last sentence. They really think that this whole pandemic has been exaggerated for the express purpose of making Donald Trump look bad. They make tasteless jokes about the virus: "If I can smell your farts through two layers of clothes, what makes you think a mask protects anyone from Coronavirus?" Har dee har har. Cue all the idiots on social media yukking it up over gems like that one. While people die. While people get put on ventilators.

My own family is just as bad! That lovely fart joke I passed on to you came from my cousin's daughter, WHO WORKS IN A NURSING HOME, and who regularly takes her three little kids to my mom and dad for free babysitting. (My mom is diabetic and my dad has lung issues, not to mention that he has only 20% heart function on the left side. Catching Covid would probably kill them both). She (my cousin's daughter) was royally pissed off when Florence passed a mask ordinance and spouted off on social media about how she wouldn't be coming here to shop at Sam's if they tried to make her wear a mask inside. She made it clear she only wears a mask AT THE NURSING HOME because they make her do it. Not a damn bit of concern for anyone else. And my stupid parents can't be reasoned with. They act like family members can't spread the disease, or something. They love watching those three kids and dismiss my concerns about them possibly bringing the virus to them. They refuse to stop going to church or doing anything else that they want to do and I've given up fighting with them about it.

Then my husband has to go to work at the pet store, in a mask all day, and deal with hordes of people only about half of whom will wear a mask. There's no enforcement of the ordinance in this town. He's scared to death going to work with the way our rates are rising, seeing as how he has such compromised lung function. Catching Covid might be the death of him, too. He's considering stopping working again if things continue to get worse (and I'm sure they will). That puts us in a position of using up our savings just to survive. But of course I'd rather do that than risk him getting sick! When he had cancer 9 years ago I thought I was going to lose him, and like a miracle, he survived and is doing well. I won't lose him over  Covid-19 after going through all that! Not if it can be helped. Gregg is so disgusted with how some people in this community are acting, he even was willing to discuss the possibility of selling this house in a few years and moving to a totally different part of the country. He loves this part of South Carolina and for him to even entertain that thought is indicative of how disgusted he is with the redneck, uneducated, callous Conservative Republican white people we're surrounded with. So am I. For years I've said, "If the liberal, open minded, non-racist and more educated people keep leaving, how bad will our beautiful home state become?" But I'm almost at the point of saying, "You know what? Life is short. Do I really want to spend the time I have left among people that I can't respect? In a place where the majority's values aren't my values? Where even during a pandemic people can't put aside their politics and look out for each other?"

If you're still reading, thanks for hanging in there while I blow off steam. I'm just feeling so frustrated, sad, and angry today.


  1. Just about the same here in Florida. There's some meme going around that supposedly quotes Dr. Fauci as saying something like, "I just don't know how you can convince people to care." I don't know if it's true but I understand the sentiment. How DO we make people care? I see that Disney World just opened back up, even as Florida reported 11, 433 more cases yesterday. We've had a quarter of a fucking MILLION cases here. So yeah- good idea to open Disney. Bring in more covid, sent out more covid. And yeah- we've had over four thousand deaths.
    You and I and everyone else with a functioning brain cell knows that if our leadership from the president on down had a clue and/or gave a shit, this would not be what's happening.
    I'm so sorry that Gregg has to risk his life to go to work. It's not right. It's not fair. It shouldn't even be an issue. We should be protecting each other. We
    We should be dealing with this with honesty, science, compassion and strength. I'd say I feel sorry for people who refuse to recognize the truth of the situation but at this point- I just don't. They are being willfully ignorant.
    Stay safe, Jennifer.
    And perhaps we should all move to Canada.

    1. Although of course they won't have us.

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  2. rant on, girl! the ignorant will not be moved. sorry your family are shitheads.

    we have the same idiots up here. since 4/1/20, my county has 829 deaths in a population of 831K. masks are MANDATORY per our gov EVERYWHERE. and the rule is enforced. social distancing, hand sanitizing, avoiding crowds are required also. I want every "freedumb" GOP asswipe to DIE of COVID-19.

    and WTF with disney world opening????? assholes! GOP govs are assholes too!

    you and gregg can move up here to my county or maddie's county. we in the greater philly area ain't stupid like SC and FL and TX and AL and and and...

  3. Were there always this many ignorant people in this country? I was just reading about people attending Covid parties, everyone attending contributes money to attend and the first person to get Covid wins the money. That is just insane. The idiots have been told by "you know who" that it is a hoax,and they believe him. This used to be a country of inventions and great inventors. What happened? Now we have thousands of Covidiots who cannot look at the data of the disease spread and understand it is not a hoax.

    I'm sorry your husband is being exposed to so many idiots. I hope he can find a way to take some time off from work while there are so many idiots running around.

    I am so worried about my grandson returning to school and catching it, he is 10 years old. They say the kids aren't in much danger, but I don't believe anything our government tells us about this virus anymore. They used to say it only affected the old people, then for a while they said regular people shouldn't wear masks because if they touched the mask while wearing to adjust it, it could make them more prone to catching Covid 19. Well now we definitely know we all should have been wearing masks all along, and old people are not the only people who get it. I don't trust their theories to keep my grandson safe, but of course it is all up to his Mom and Dad. His Mom,my daughter, is an RN and I seriously hope she will personally inspect the school to see if he really will be safe.

    As far as moving to another country, I don't know if there any other countries who will take Americans anymore.

    Everyone take care.

  4. This has always been on the cards; as soon as certain figures started to fall, some restrictions were lifted, and up go the figures again. I'm really not surprised. Over in the UK people have been partying like never before, and spreading the virus like confetti. This is a time to be extra vigilant; not acting like idiots.

  5. Oh Jennifer, I will gladly stand beside you and rant along with you! I am shocked daily by the things I am seeing and hearing. The stupidity is not just in the south. There are people saying this will all go away after the elections are over in November. They actually think the pandemic and mask wearing and all of it is just a political stunt by the Democratics. Those of us that wear masks and take precautions are just "sheep following the crowd". It makes me sick to think so many are willing to risk people's lives. We have one of those governors that follows Trump so he will not mandate a mask order. However it is so bad that many cities and counties have put out mask orders and we are under one in my county thank goodness. Now many of those that don't believe in this are going to other counties to shop since they will not wear masks! This month our state has gone from 200 - 300 new cases a day to now 800 - 900 new cases a day. I can not imagine you guys having over 2000 new cases a day! I really wish your husband could stay home or work off hours or something. I understand very well your concern with his health issues. He can't chance getting something like this. It is so hard to see that this has been going on for over four months and our country is now in worse shape than it has been in any other point since it started. Feel free to email me anytime if you just need to talk. I do feel your frustration. Please, you and Gregg be safe!

  6. My condolences to you and your state. I m just glad you and yours are safe. Hang in there dear.

  7. People need a wake. Up call everywhere
    Unfortunately you have Trump which doesn't help
    What am I saying
    We have Boris?!!!!

  8. Back in April when we in PA were going through the worst of it, my friends in SC and Florida thought that I was overacting. Closing down and staying home got our numbers down significantly but the threat is always there and with things opening up, our numbers are rising again.. Our Governor Wolf was cursed and threatened because of the slow way he opened up the state because he put life over money. He is a good man and showed leadership in a time of crisis and didn’t give into the pressure from the right. He joined with other strong Governors from NJ, NY, and CN to do what was necessary to slow the virus down. I think the south thought that it wouldn’t happen there because 45 told them that the hot weather would make it go away. He was wrong, as usual, and now our country is in a place where I can’t see any solution except a vaccine which may or may not work. At least it is a distant hope.

    The behavior of people during these dangerous times is mind boggling. Even with death staring them down, they continue to be irresponsible and listen to politics rather than science. Their ignorance will bring us all down.

  9. I'm so glad you voiced all this. I agree 100%. All I can say is fucking Idiots. Here in California, places like Costco require masks. But target says wear a mask but it's not enforced. All our restaurants are now back to only patio dining. We don't go out to eat anyway. But again, thanks for a great rant.

  10. I can sure understand your frustration... and anger. So grateful to live where I do right now. What a frickin' world. What a frickin' country!!!

  11. Ugh. I know it's frustrating. I get frustrated when I hear the news from Florida, which is very similar. It seems like people have simply decided they're going to live their lives, and virus be damned -- which completely overlooks the responsibility we all have toward keeping EACH OTHER healthy. Fine, if a person wants to roll the dice themselves, but if they get infected they're almost certainly going to pass it along too -- you know?

    I have a real feeling we in the UK will be not far behind you soon. I'm not seeing a whole lot of evidence here that people are concerned about distancing or masks or staying home.

  12. I feel your pain. We have an ordinance here in Texas that just got enforced in our town. If you don't wear a mask you will get kicked out of any establishment. Social distancing is the norm here too. There are a few screamers that refuse to wear a mask and say their rights are being infringed upon but they better damned sure put that mask on or they won't be served. I just say let them be. They will be the ones gasping for breath sooner than later in ICU. Darwin's Natural Selection at work, getting rid of the idiots in the village.

  13. Unfortunately some people are just too stupid to comprehend the seriousness of COVID. Selfish too because they don't seem to care about the vulnerable people in society. I hope you and Gregg stay safe.

  14. Jennifer, I totally and completing agree with everything you said, so rant away. I am shocked at the stupidity of people. We are living in a nation of idiots and fools. And I just don't get it. I am living in a country that elected a moron as president. Times are sure depressing. When I hear all of the people clamor for schools to reopen, I think about the tremendous spike in infections that will inevitably follow. And both of us work in schools and we will be on the front lines. Hang in there and stay healthy. These are unreal times.

  15. I so understand your problem with the local populace. I live east of the Ca Central Valley, and in the local Facebook page, you would think a mask is akin to tooth removal without medication. So much crying over such a simple thing. I had thought this "blue and free California" but it might as well be Georgia. My point though is there are plainly stupid people everywhere, unless you go to a high priced enclave of a certain mindset. I ask you not to look too much at the green on the other side of the fence. There are assholes about, everywhere.
    Peace be unto you

  16. It's been said SC is too small for a nation and too large for an asylum.

  17. Powerfully put Jennifer! And deeply felt too. Even if the redneck MAGA idiots read this post it would wash over them like a passing rain shower. Of course Trump is largely to blame for America's alarming COVID figures. Laughing in the face of a deadly virus was not the way to show leadership at such a critical time. There's blood on his hands - lots of it - and to some extent it's the same with our mini-Trump - the clown they call "Boris". In delaying our lockdown he caused thousands of extra deaths.

  18. Oh dear. It's really that bad, isn't it, and I absolutely understand your need for this rant. If one does not get angry, sad and frustrated in the situation you are in, that person must be an android.
    Naturaly you and Gregg worry about his health, and I am glad it is your priority, even if it should mean you'll have to survive on your savings.
    I thought people were being stupid over here, but thankfully, it's not the majority, and (so far!) we've been doing relatively well. Not wanting to go into politics all that much, I do believe Frau Merkel wants the best for this country. She may not be everybody's darling, but she is neither an idiot nor a clown; greed is just not part of her character traits.

  19. I am glad our governor in Michigan to a hard stance early and is sticking to her guns on this. I am also glad that it shows in the numbers that she is doing the right thing.

  20. I believe those who do not wear a mask and follow social distancing should be denied medical services when they get sick. Let these stupid people die.
    These are the same people who say making children wear bullet proof backpacks to school, passing thru metal detector gates with armed teachers and having active shooter drills is the price we have to pay for "freedom", while also saying having to wear a mask for 10 minutes while in Walmart is government over reach. You can't reason with stupid.

  21. Go Jennifer, go. Both barrels please.

  22. Well, look on the bright side, you're behind Florida.

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