Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bloggers and personality type?

Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality assessment?

For anyone that's unfamiliar with it, it's a personality rating system that assigns you one of sixteen possible types based on where you fall on the following dichotomies:

Extraversion (E) – (I) Introversion
Sensing (S) – (N) Intuition
Thinking (T) – (F) Feeling
Judging (J) – (P) Perception

  I've taken it recently as part of my preparation for finding a new job. It's interesting, to say the least. I am apparently an INTJ, with percentages of: I(56%), N(62%), T(25%), and J(1%). You could say I'm perfectly balanced on that last metric, but I show strong preferences otherwise. Then I started to wonder: do bloggers share some personality traits? I'm curious, so I'm linking to a quick test you can take online. It will calculate your type and give you a detailed description of it as well. Lots of fun!

If you take the test, I would absolutely love it if you would leave a comment here telling us your type! Let's compare personality traits and see what (if anything) we have in common!


  1. Hmmmm . . . no real surprises here. Except perhaps the "judging" score. I'm Introvert(56%) Sensing(25%) Thinking(50%) Judging(56%). I suspect many bloggers are introverts.

  2. INFJ. Looks like I'm an introvert; but I knew that anyway.

  3. INFP
    I might have scored differently if I could have asked for certain questions to be rephrased. Plus, I usually pick "no" for questions that include "always" or "never."

  4. Did it years ago now and was INFJ - which seemed to be pretty accurate - I might do it again and see what I gt now.

    1. I just tried again - and yes, still INFJ