Sunday, August 11, 2013

Easy Sunday afternoon

Today is sunny and hot, a very typical early August day for this area. The relentless rain showers we were getting throughout the summer have finally slowed down. We had record amounts of rain in July, over 15 inches, and also a record number of days with measureable precipitation. Soggy, is how I would describe this summer so far! I'm glad we're getting stretches of days without rain, now that August is here. Almost every afternoon we've had bright blue skies filled with puffy, whiter-than-snow clouds and there's been a good breeze blowing. That's what today is like, and I'm glad the weather turned out so nice! I have plans later on.

A few friends are stopping by for a little mini cocktail party out on the patio. I plan to serve rum drinks (coconut rum mixed with pineapple juice and crushed ice) and fruit salad. Gus (who's no longer a puppy) will be coming along to play with Ginger. Gus' mom is also bringing along her 5 year old nephew, which was unexpected. He called her this morning and begged to come spend the night with her (he loves his auntie!) and she can't resist him. So she asked if she could bring him with her, and of course I said yes. I'm going to make him his own little "virgin" cocktail: pineapple juice over crushed ice with maraschino cherries and an umbrella straw! There will be lots of snacks, and he can run around in the backyard with Ginger and Gus while the adults talk. It should be fine.

I've kept my party very small and uncomplicated this time. The food and drinks are simple and mostly store-bought. I didn't feel up to my usual huge effort, and I don't want to be half exhausted and still getting ready when the guests arrive! Instead, I plan to take it easy and enjoy a nice summer afternoon with my friends. Stress free.


  1. My oldest son spent some time working on Hilton Head Island, which I presume has similar weather to where you are. He loved his time there.

    Rum, Coconut, and Pineapple..... sounds familiar!

    1. Yes, Hilton Head island is not that far from here! They say it's beautiful. I've never been, as only wealthy people live/vacation there! And I'm certainly not wealthy! :)