Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waiting out August

What a soggy, gray, depressing month August has been. I'm ready to see the end of it.

We've had record rain this summer, and I blame some of my current funk on the endlessly wet and gloomy weather. While the usual August heat hasn't been as much of a problem this year, I'd happily trade hot dry sunshine for this sodden sorry mess! I especially dislike the constant feeling of dampness that has crept into the house and always seems to be on my skin. And the swarms of mosquitoes outside. Ugh.

And my job search seems to be stalled. I've only found one opening that was even remotely interesting. I went all out to apply. I sent my application and a resume (the resume I spent hours and hours revamping) by both email and "snail" mail, with carefully written cover letters. I even had one of my references send a nice letter of recommendation for me. Still, I haven't heard anything back, and I don't know if I will. All I can do is wait and keep my fingers crossed. Nothing else has shown itself yet. I feel stuck, and that along with the awful weather just makes me tired. All I feel like doing lately is taking naps (often with a book in hand) and moping around the house.

So I'll be glad to see August end, and the arrival of September and true fall. Hopefully the weather will dry up and the sun will shine, and it will be cooler either way. Some fresh air and exercise will  probably do me good, once I can stand to go outdoors again! As for the job situation, it looks like I'll just have to be patient. Maybe the changing season will bring some fresh opportunities to the local job market. And I can't wait for all things autumn this year--apples and pumpkins and fall flowers, scarecrows and harvest festivals and chilly nights.

Anyone else ready for fall?


  1. I love fall, but we've been having an unusually beautiful August, so I can't complain. It's the first year I can remember when I wasn't in a hurry for fall to begin.

    I hope your fall is wonderful!

  2. Your August weather sounds like my June. August has been wonderfully sunny and warm, but I am looking forward to fall. Hope things improve for you :)

  3. I had to remind myself of where you live. I'd imagined S Carolina to have a wonderful climate. Here in S W France we've had a glorious summer, and it is set to continue, even though next week the high temperatures will decrease a bit. As long as I continue to wear shorts every day, I'm happy.

  4. I like cro am surprised
    I always thought it was hot and humid down there