Monday, August 12, 2013

Job hunting

Another Monday morning is here, and the job search continues. I made some good progress over the weekend: found my last resume buried in some documents on the computer (it needs updated, but at least I don't have to do a whole new one!), reconnected via LinkedIn to an old boss of mine (the one who awarded me "store manager of the year" at my last job, so she's a great reference!), and made some new contacts through a current coworker that should be helpful at some of the places I'm interested in working.

My husband is meeting today with an aquarium client who happens to be a school principal and on the school board in this area, and he's going to ask if I can meet with him later this week to discuss some possible district office administrative jobs that I'm interested in. Gregg has a good relationship with this man, so hopefully he will be willing to help me out, as a reference if nothing else. I have a feeling that personal contacts will be the key to success in my search.

Now if I could only find that perfect job! I'm combing the want ads every other day, asking around, and doing anything I can think of to get my name "out there". I would dearly love to be out of the retail scene before the holiday season. Surely if I keep applying myself something good will eventually come my way!


  1. In Europe all jobs have to be advertised (something to do with equal opportunities), but most of them have already been offered to someone. This means you go through the whole process not knowing that the job vacancy no longer exists. Such a waste of time. Personal contact is definitely the way to go. Good luck.

  2. I hope this new Monday has brought you more job leads! With the seasons changing soon, I imagine retail stores will be scrambling for help. Best wishes!