Sunday, November 17, 2019

Just another Sunday night

It's been another lazy Sunday. Beyond a couple loads of laundry, tidying the kitchen, and taking out the garbage I haven't been very productive at all. I did finish The Gargoyle this morning. I really, really enjoyed it and hated for it to end--now I'm between books again and looking for the next good one. I also took a short nap this afternoon. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday even if I didn't accomplish as much housework as I'd like. It's not like it's going anywhere, right?

Yesterday I spent the afternoon making spaghetti sauce from scratch, and so tonight there won't be any need to cook dinner. Since we're eating leftovers I plan to make up a batch of apple walnut muffins for snacks this week. I've been baking lots of muffins lately. A boy at school saw me give one to the counselor's little son (Little P.) one time and asked for one. Now he regularly stops by my desk, in the morning or at lunchtime or in the afternoon while waiting on his bus to arrive to ask, "Mrs. Barlow, do you have any snacks?" He's so excited when I occasionally have something to give him. I was on a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin kick for a while and he loved those. He would stop by randomly almost every day and say, "Mrs. Barlow I sure love those pumpkin muffins you make!They're so good! Please make more soon, okay?" The little flatterer! He knows just what to say to ensure a steady stream of baked goodies. I always tell him, "Don't you tell any of your classmates that I gave you these" under my breath which delights him. Honestly, I think the attention means as much to him (or more) than the treats. As the school secretary pointed out, "He probably doesn't get homemade desserts at home." His dad is (I think) a single father, a working class guy that probably feeds Ethan a steady diet of microwaveable or take out food. He's a good boy, and I enjoy his little trips to see me throughout the day and the way he'll immediately scarf down whatever I bring and exclaim it's the best thing ever. So tomorrow he's getting some apple cinnamon muffins.

Season three of The Crown has dropped on Netflix! I'm really excited. I'm holding off on starting it until Gregg gets home from work tonight. I'm a little sad that new actors have replaced Matt Smith and Clare Foy, both of whom I thought were excellent as Prince Philip and the young Queen Elizabeth.

Tonight doesn't feel too bad for a Sunday night. Maybe it's the thought that this week is our last full week before Thanksgiving break. We'll have Wednesday through Sunday off and I'm beyond ready.


  1. Your little friend sounds so sweet. Sometimes it is all the little things that mean so much.
    A friend of mine was teaching an after school cooking class of 4/5th graders and she asked what they wanted to cook first and they all said Grilled Cheese. ? Their Moms never cooked and they all ate fast food or takeout. This made her so sad, Grilled Cheese the most simple dish ever.

    You have to tell us if you like Season 3. I was looking forward to it but now not so much.
    As much as I like Olivia Colman I think she is all wrong for the part. She looks too tall too big, not tiny and no blue eyes. Not that she needs to be a exact copy of the Queen. I think she ruins the illusion for me.
    Queen Elizabeth is tiny and just look at her now she is still lovely.
    I understand the illusion an actor can spin but from all the trailers I have been watching I just can't understand. Maybe I will try to watch it much later.

  2. we just watched the first few episodes of The Crown - dark things they are!
    Is your sauce recipe to die for?

  3. Your little friend SO does not randomly drop by!

  4. That little boy sounds like a charmer! I watched the first episode of The Crown last night. It's good but I was a bit disappointed by the 'new' Queen and Duke - their accents sounded too contrived and false. Be interested to hear what you think.

  5. Like you said, I am sure that the attention means at least as much for the little boy than the treat. Just hope he won't mention it in class, or you'll soon have a constant stream of kids "incidentally" passing by your desk, and you'll never get away from the oven on weekends! ;-)
    It was a cold, grey weekend here mostly - perfect for spending a lot of time in the kitchen, which we did. As I almost never cook for myself (having a hot meal on weekdays at my clients' canteen anyway), I really enjoy planning our meals on weekends and making them, preferably from scratch.

  6. We just yesterday started watching season three of The Crown. So good! I love the expression “from scratch.”

  7. I agree with Anne Marie- sounds like a nice Sunday.
    Your little muffin man is a charmer.
    I've just started a new T.C. Boyle book. "Outside Looking In." So far I like it but I generally do like his books.

  8. That little boy is coming to you for a muffin but also the secret that you share. What a sweet thing that is and it may be something that he will remember all his life. Kindness is seldom forgotten.

    Bringing in food to work has always helped my popularity. I always got to know more about people because they always stop to talk when they took a sweet. I still do it at my volunteer job and am known as the Cookie Lady to certain people around town. I am happy with that title.

  9. I feel the same way about "The Crown." I'm sure these new actors will be phenomenal, but I'll miss the old ones too. That boy is lucky to have you! You may find yourself with two dozen kids at your desk every day. :)